How To Write a DND Campaign With ChatGPT (2023 Best Guide)

Creating a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign is fun but it can also be time-consuming and challenging.

Enter ChatGPT.

Here’s how to write a DND campaign with ChatGPT:

Write a DND campaign with ChatGPT by prompting the AI tool to create settings, themes, BBEGs, NPCs, PCs, plotlines, encounters, rewards, consequences, campaign milestones, and session preparation. Fine-tune prompts and iterate on ideas to achieve engaging and unique campaigns.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of crafting a D&D campaign using ChatGPT, providing example prompts for each major element.


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The setting is the foundation of your D&D campaign, encompassing the world, geography, climate, and more.

With ChatGPT, you can create unique and engaging settings for your players to explore.

World and Geography

Prompt ChatGPT to help you design the world and its geographical features.

Example prompt:

Generate a description of a fantasy world, including its continents, oceans, and major geographical features.

Climate and Biomes

Ask ChatGPT to create a variety of climates and biomes for your setting.

Example prompt:

Describe the different climates and biomes found within a fantasy world.

Cities, Towns, and Factions

Get help from ChatGPT to create cities, towns, and political factions.

Example prompt:

Generate a list of major cities and towns in a fantasy world, along with a brief description of each and their political factions.

Campaign Theme

The theme of your campaign determines its genre, tone, and style.

ChatGPT can provide ideas and inspiration for your campaign’s overall theme.

Genre and Tone

Ask ChatGPT to generate ideas for the genre and tone of your campaign.

Example prompt:

Suggest three possible genres and tones for a D&D campaign, with a brief explanation of each.


Use ChatGPT to explore different campaign styles, such as sandbox or linear.

Example prompt:

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a sandbox-style D&D campaign compared to a linear-style campaign.

Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG)

The Big Bad Evil Guy is the main antagonist of your campaign.

ChatGPT can help you develop a memorable and challenging BBEG for your players to face.

Motivation and Goals

Prompt ChatGPT to create a compelling BBEG with stats, motivation, description, and goals.

Example prompt:

Generate a main antagonist in a D&D campaign and include stats, attributes, attacks, motivation, description, and goals.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

NPCs populate your campaign world and provide important interactions for your players. ChatGPT can generate a wide variety of NPCs for your campaign.

Allies and Enemies

Use ChatGPT to create memorable allies and enemies for your players to encounter.

Example prompt:

Create a list of memorable allies and enemies for a D&D campaign, including their names, appearances, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and relationships to the players. Make sure each character is unique and memorable, and has the potential to create interesting plot twists and conflicts throughout the campaign.

Quest Givers and Local Authorities

Prompt ChatGPT to create quest givers and local authorities to guide your players.

Example prompt:

Design three unique quest givers and two local authorities for a D&D campaign set in a bustling city.

Player Characters (PCs)

Player Characters are the heart of any D&D campaign. ChatGPT can provide inspiration and ideas for character backstories, goals, and development.

Backstories and Goals

Ask ChatGPT to generate character backstories and goals for your players.

Example prompt:

Create backstories and personal goals for four D&D characters: a human fighter, an elf wizard, a halfling rogue, and a dwarf cleric.

Party Dynamics and Character Development

Get insights from ChatGPT on how to handle party dynamics and character development throughout the campaign.

Example prompt:

Suggest ways to encourage positive party dynamics and character development in a D&D campaign.


The plot is the driving force of your campaign, tying together the main story arc, subplots, and character arcs. ChatGPT can help you craft a captivating and cohesive plot.

Main Story Arc and Subplots

Prompt ChatGPT to generate ideas for your campaign’s main story arc and subplots.

Example prompt:

Outline a main story arc and three subplots for a D&D campaign centered around a magical artifact of great power.

Twists, Reveals, and Pacing

Ask ChatGPT for advice on incorporating twists, reveals, and maintaining proper pacing in your campaign.

Example prompt:

Provide tips on how to effectively introduce plot twists, reveals, and maintain pacing in a D&D campaign.


Encounters are the events and challenges your players face during your campaign. ChatGPT can help you design engaging combat, social, and exploration encounters.

Combat Encounters

Ask ChatGPT to create interesting combat encounters with varied enemies, tactics, and objectives.

Example prompt:

Design a challenging combat encounter for a party of four level 5 D&D characters, featuring unique enemies and terrain.

Social Encounters

Prompt ChatGPT to generate social encounters that involve diplomacy, intrigue, and role-playing.

Example prompt:

Create a social encounter for a D&D campaign that involves negotiating with a rival faction to form an alliance.

Exploration Encounters

Use ChatGPT to develop exploration encounters that include puzzles, traps, and discoveries.

Example prompt:

Design an exploration encounter for a D&D campaign set in an ancient, trap-filled tomb.

Rewards and Consequences

Rewards and consequences help shape campaign experiences.

ChatGPT can assist you in determining appropriate rewards and consequences for your players’ actions throughout the campaign.

Experience Points and Treasure

Ask ChatGPT for guidance on awarding experience points and treasure to your players.

Example prompt:

Provide tips on how to effectively award experience points and treasure to players in a D&D campaign.

Magical Items and Artifacts

Prompt ChatGPT to generate unique magical items and artifacts for your players to discover.

Example prompt:

Create three unique magical items and one powerful artifact for a D&D campaign.

Titles, Reputation, and Consequences

Use ChatGPT to explore ideas for titles, reputation rewards, and consequences that may arise from your players’ choices and actions.

Example prompt:

Suggest ways to incorporate titles, reputation, and consequences based on player choices and actions in a D&D campaign.

Campaign Milestones

Campaign milestones are significant events and turning points in your campaign’s story.

ChatGPT can help you develop a list of milestones to guide your campaign’s narrative.

Introductory Adventure and Major Plot Points

Ask ChatGPT to generate ideas for an introductory adventure and major plot points throughout your campaign.

Example prompt:

Outline an introductory adventure and five major plot points for a D&D campaign set in a war-torn kingdom.

Climactic Confrontations and Resolutions

Prompt ChatGPT to create ideas for climactic confrontations and the eventual resolution of your campaign.

Example prompt:

Describe the climactic confrontation and resolution for a D&D campaign centered around defeating an evil necromancer.

Session Preparation

Proper session preparation is key to running a smooth and engaging D&D campaign.

ChatGPT can assist you in preparing for your sessions by generating adventure hooks, scene descriptions, encounter maps, and more.

Adventure Hooks and Scene Descriptions

Ask ChatGPT to generate adventure hooks and scene descriptions to help you set the stage for your players.

Example prompt:

Create three adventure hooks and scene descriptions for a D&D campaign set in a sprawling city.

Encounter Maps and Locations

Prompt ChatGPT to design encounter maps and locations for your campaign.

Example prompt:

Describe a detailed encounter map and location for a D&D combat encounter set in a haunted forest.

NPCs and Enemy Stat Blocks

Use ChatGPT to generate NPC and enemy stat blocks, making it easier to manage encounters during your sessions.

Example prompt:

Create stat blocks for a CR 3 bandit leader and their CR 1/2 bandit minions for a D&D encounter.

Notes and Reminders

ChatGPT can help you create notes and reminders to keep track of important information and ensure your sessions run smoothly.

Example prompt:

Generate a list of important notes and reminders for a Dungeon Master to keep in mind during a D&D session.

Collaboration and Iteration

Working with ChatGPT can be an iterative process, and refining your ideas and content is an essential part of creating a great D&D campaign.

Here are some tips on how to collaborate effectively with ChatGPT.

Fine-Tuning Prompts

Sometimes, you may need to adjust your prompts to get the desired output from ChatGPT.

Experiment with different phrasings, or provide more specific details to help guide the AI.

Example prompt:

Revise a previously generated social encounter to include a high-stakes diplomatic negotiation between two warring factions.

Building on Generated Content

As you receive content from ChatGPT, use it as a foundation to build upon and expand your campaign.

You can ask the AI to provide more detail, create connections between elements, or generate additional content.

Example prompt:

Expand on a previously generated subplot by adding three related side quests for a D&D campaign.

Seeking Inspiration

If you find yourself stuck or in need of inspiration, ChatGPT can serve as a brainstorming partner to help you generate new ideas and possibilities for your campaign.

Example prompt:

Provide five creative ideas for plot twists in a D&D campaign focused on a rebellion against a tyrannical ruler.

If you’re looking for even more prompts for how to write a DND campaign with ChatGPT, I’ve got a video for you:

YouTube Video by Roleplaying Lab – How to Write a DND Campaign with ChatGPT

Final Thoughts: How To Write a DND Campaign With ChatGPT

Use the example prompts provided in this article to inspire and enhance your campaign planning process, and enjoy a memorable D&D experience for you and your players.

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