Editorial Policies

Our website (www.roleplayinglab.com) is committed to publishing fair, accurate and transparent content.

Editorial Policies

The following principles guide our editorial policies:

  • Accuracy – We strive to ensure all facts reported on our site are supported by credible sources. We promptly correct any errors or misleading information.
  • Impartiality – We aim to present all perspectives on an issue fairly and without bias. Our writers avoid promoting any specific political, religious or other viewpoint.
  • Transparency – We disclose any potential conflicts of interest related to our content. We openly explain any sponsorship arrangements or other commercial relationships.
  • Diversity – We seek to represent diverse viewpoints and experiences in our content. We do not discriminate against any group.
  • Independence – Our content is free from influence of advertisers, shareholders or any other external parties. Writers have full editorial control over their work.
  • Ethics – We respect privacy and do not publish private information without permission. We avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and representations.
  • Legality – All our content abides by copyright and defamation laws. We do not publish material that is found to be unlawfully discriminatory, abusive or threatening.

This editorial policy aims to build trust with our readers by upholding principles of good journalism and content creation. We welcome feedback from readers on how we can continue improving.

AI Editorial Policies

Our website utilizes artificial intelligence technologies in order to assist our human experts in content creation. These AI tools, developed by OpenAI and other companies, help generate initial drafts of certain articles, product descriptions, and other content.

However, all AI-assisted content is carefully reviewed, vetted and edited by our editorial team before publication.

Human experts closely monitor the output of AI systems to ensure quality, accuracy and integrity. We do not publish any content before it goes through the full oversight and approval of human editors.

While AI can help catalyze the content creation process, human expertise, discretion and judgment are essential to our work. Our editors make all final decisions on topics covered, viewpoints expressed, facts included, creative approaches taken, and adherence to our editorial guidelines.

AI does not determine what we publish. Our human editors do.

By combining AI-assistance with human oversight, we aim to increase our productivity and efficiency while maintaining our standards. But we recognize the limitations of current AI technologies in aspects like nuanced writing, in-depth reporting and ethical considerations. Our commitment remains to produce thoughtful, responsible journalism and content.

We take transparency regarding our use of AI seriously. If any of our published content has been assisted by AI systems, we will disclose that upon request. Please contact us if you have any questions about our content creation process.