300 Unique Dragon Hoards for DND (Names & Descriptions)

Venturing into a dragon’s lair is one of the most iconic experiences in Dungeons and Dragons (DND).

The treasures that a dragon hoards can add an extra layer of wonder, mystery, and intrigue to your DND campaign.

Here, we provide an exhaustive list of 300 unique and creative dragon hoard ideas, each inspired by different mythical beings, enchanting objects, and mystical phenomena from the vast realm of DND lore.

Let these concepts inspire your next campaign.

List of 300 Unique Dragon Hoards for DND

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Digital art of dragons with treasure - dragon hoards for DND
I made this image – Dragon Hoards for DND

Without further ado, here is a list of 300 unique dragon hoard ideas for DND:

  1. Mystery Scrolls Hoard: The dragon collects ancient and arcane scrolls, each containing a unique mystery to be deciphered.
  2. Dream Crystal Hoard: This hoard consists of magical crystals that contain the dreams of different creatures, captured by the dragon.
  3. Lorebook Hoard: The dragon gathers countless lore books from every civilization, each tome filled with rich history and wisdom.
  4. Magician’s Arsenal Hoard: Contains magical artifacts, wands, and staffs stolen from powerful magicians.
  5. Magical Beast Hoard: A collection of miniature magical beasts, trapped in enchanted gems by the dragon.
  6. Skyship Model Hoard: Miniature models of every skyship the dragon has encountered, made from various precious materials.
  7. Dimensional Relic Hoard: These relics hold the power to open portals to different dimensions, each collected from a unique realm.
  8. Wizard’s Diary Hoard: Collection of diaries from notable wizards, providing insights into their minds and magical discoveries.
  9. Knight’s Armor Hoard: An array of armors from fallen knights, each telling a story of heroic battles and tragic ends.
  10. Dragon Eggshell Hoard: Fragments of dragon eggshells, each representing a different dragon breed.
  11. Music Box Hoard: A collection of enchanted music boxes that each play a unique and mesmerizing melody.
  12. Legendary Weapon Hoard: Houses legendary weapons taken from fallen heroes and infamous villains alike.
  13. Royal Seal Hoard: Collection of seals and signets from different royal families.
  14. Elemental Stone Hoard: Stones imbued with the power of the elements, each having a unique power.
  15. Stardust Vial Hoard: Contains vials of stardust from various celestial events witnessed by the dragon.
  16. Phantom Plant Hoard: Houses rare and spectral plants that have magical properties.
  17. Goddess Statue Hoard: A collection of divine statues dedicated to various goddesses.
  18. Moonrock Hoard: Comprises lunar rocks, each sourced from a different phase of the moon.
  19. Fairy Wing Hoard: Collection of fairy wings, glittering with iridescent magic.
  20. Divine Artifact Hoard: Houses divine artifacts taken from sacred temples and holy shrines.
  21. Mythical Map Hoard: Consists of maps to mythical lands, each drawn with immense detail and accuracy.
  22. Dwarven Tool Hoard: Contains a collection of unique tools crafted by master dwarf smiths.
  23. Architectural Blueprint Hoard: Houses intricate blueprints of renowned architectural structures in the realm.
  24. Legendary Beast Skull Hoard: Contains skulls of legendary beasts slain by the dragon.
  25. Potion Hoard: A collection of different potions, each with unique magical effects.
  26. Astrolabe Hoard: Consists of astrolabes, instruments used for celestial navigation, each one unique and valuable.
  27. Enchanted Quill Hoard: A collection of magical quills, each one belonging to a famous writer or scholar.
  28. Magical Seed Hoard: Contains seeds of magical plants from different corners of the realm.
  29. Dragon Scale Hoard: Each scale in this hoard is from a different dragon, creating a colorful and impressive collection.
  30. Divination Card Hoard: Contains divination cards from various cultures, each one imbued with a unique prophetic power.
  31. Phoenix Feather Hoard: Houses feathers from different phoenixes, each one carrying the magic of rebirth.
  32. Mirror Hoard: Each mirror in this hoard shows a different time or place, making it a collection of scrying tools.
  33. Runic Stone Hoard: Contains stones carved with ancient runes, each one holding a different kind of magic.
  34. Aurora Bottle Hoard: Contains bottled auroras from different parts of the world, each shimmering with ethereal beauty.
  35. Invisible Beast Hoard: An invisible collection of different magical beasts that the dragon has turned invisible.
  36. Giant’s Relic Hoard: Contains different relics from ancient giants, each one telling a tale of their might and valor.
  37. Wizard’s Hat Hoard: A collection of hats worn by different wizards, each hat holding residual magic from its owner.
  38. Elven Crown Hoard: Contains crowns belonging to different elven monarchs, each one a masterpiece of design.
  39. Magical Tattoo Hoard: A collection of magical tattoos inked onto dragon scales, each one granting a different power.
  40. Fairy Tale Book Hoard: Houses fairy tale books from different cultures, each one opening a doorway to different fantasies.
  41. Mermaid’s Scale Hoard: Contains scales from various mermaids, each one shimmering with the allure of the deep sea.
  42. Unicorn Horn Hoard: A collection of unicorn horns, each one with the power to purify and heal.
  43. Clockwork Toy Hoard: Houses an array of clockwork toys crafted by genius toymakers, each one a marvel of craftsmanship.
  44. Ghost Lantern Hoard: Contains lanterns that each house a different ghost, captured by the dragon.
  45. Essence Vial Hoard: A collection of vials containing the essence of different magical phenomena.
  46. Animated Painting Hoard: Contains paintings that are magically animated, each one telling a different story.
  47. Golem Heart Hoard: Houses hearts of different golems, each one a source of immense magical power.
  48. Treant Seed Hoard: Contains seeds of different treants, each one holding the potential to grow into a magical tree entity.
  49. Champion’s Medal Hoard: A collection of medals earned by various champions in different tournaments and contests.
  50. Monster Eye Hoard: Houses preserved eyes from various monsters, each one having a unique and eerie gaze.
  51. Mystic Ring Hoard: Contains rings enchanted with different magical spells and properties.
  52. Vampire Fang Hoard: A collection of fangs from various vampires, each one holding residual vampiric magic.
  53. Rainbow Gem Hoard: Houses gems of different colors, each one representing a different part of the rainbow.
  54. Magical Inkwell Hoard: Contains inkwells filled with magical inks of different colors and properties.
  55. Oracle Bone Hoard: A collection of bones used in ancient divination rituals, each one holding a different prophecy.
  56. Griffin Feather Hoard: Houses feathers from different griffins, each one symbolizing strength and majesty.
  57. Time Sand Hoard: Contains sands from various time-related magical phenomena.
  58. Sacred Codex Hoard: A collection of codices containing sacred texts from different religions.
  59. Dragon’s Tear Hoard: Houses tears of different dragons, each one crystallized into a gem-like form.
  60. Comet Shard Hoard: Contains shards of different comets that have passed through the realm.
  61. Meteoric Iron Hoard: A collection of iron from different meteors that have fallen from the sky.
  62. Magical Key Hoard: Houses keys that open different magical locks, each one unique in its design.
  63. Enchanted Mask Hoard: Contains masks imbued with different enchantments, each one representing a different emotion.
  64. Spell Scroll Hoard: A collection of scrolls containing different magical spells.
  65. Fossilized Magic Hoard: Houses fossils of ancient magical creatures, each one a remnant of a long-gone era.
  66. Celestial Star Hoard: Contains stars that have fallen from the sky, each one still glowing with celestial energy.
  67. Ancient Sigil Hoard: A collection of ancient sigils representing different magical symbols.
  68. Dragon Claw Hoard: Houses claws from different dragons, each one sharper and more deadly than the other.
  69. Hero’s Cape Hoard: Contains capes that once belonged to different heroes, each one symbolizing bravery and valor.
  70. Magical Dice Hoard: A collection of dice enchanted with different magical effects.
  71. Crystal Ball Hoard: Houses crystal balls that show different visions, each one unique and mysterious.
  72. Merlin’s Artifact Hoard: Contains artifacts that once belonged to the legendary wizard Merlin.
  73. Enchanted Music Instrument Hoard: A collection of musical instruments enchanted with various magical properties.
  74. Elixir Hoard: Houses elixirs of different types, each one having a unique effect.
  75. Petrified Flower Hoard: Contains flowers that have been petrified but still retain their beauty.
  76. Legendary Quiver Hoard: A collection of quivers that once belonged to legendary archers.
  77. Mystic Tablet Hoard: Houses tablets inscribed with ancient knowledge and prophecies.
  78. Golden Apple Hoard: Contains golden apples, each one having different magical effects.
  79. Fabled Gem Hoard: A collection of gems that are mentioned in various fables and folklores.
  80. Chimera Hide Hoard: Houses hides from various chimeras, each one unique and exotic.
  81. Enchanted Needle Hoard: Contains needles that can sew magical garments and enchanted items.
  82. Frozen Flame Hoard: A collection of flames frozen in time, each one a source of immense heat and light.
  83. Dragon’s Breath Bottle Hoard: Houses bottles containing the breath of different dragons, each one having a unique effect.
  84. Shadow Silk Hoard: Contains silk spun by shadow spiders, used to weave cloaks of invisibility.
  85. Nymph’s Hair Hoard: A collection of hair strands from different nymphs, each one imbued with natural magic.
  86. Ethereal Feather Hoard: Houses feathers from various ethereal birds, each one shimmering with otherworldly beauty.
  87. Sorcerer’s Stone Hoard: Contains different stones used by sorcerers for their magical rituals.
  88. Lunar Blossom Hoard: A collection of flowers that bloom only under the light of the moon.
  89. Enchanted Arrow Hoard: Houses arrows enchanted with different kinds of magic.
  90. Winged Helmet Hoard: Contains helmets with wings that once belonged to different legendary warriors.
  91. Pegasus Feather Hoard: A collection of feathers from different Pegasi, each one light and strong.
  92. Dragon’s Heart Hoard: Houses hearts of different dragons, each one a source of powerful magic.
  93. Phoenix Ash Hoard: Contains ashes from different phoenixes, each one holding the power of rebirth.
  94. Spell Book Hoard: A collection of spell books from different wizards, each one filled with magical knowledge.
  95. Sacred Chalice Hoard: Houses chalices used in sacred rituals, each one holding divine blessings.
  96. Magical Banner Hoard: Contains banners from different magical guilds, each one representing a unique emblem.
  97. Eldritch Tome Hoard: A collection of tomes containing eldritch knowledge from different eras.
  98. Magical Beast Fur Hoard: Houses fur from different magical beasts, each one soft and imbued with magic.
  99. Celestial Sphere Hoard: Contains celestial spheres used for stargazing and divination.
  100. Dragontooth Hoard: A collection of teeth from different dragons, each one strong and sharp.
  101. Arcane Symbol Hoard: Collection of symbols that represent various arcane magics.
  102. King’s Throne Hoard: A set of miniature thrones representing the many kingdoms the dragon has come across.
  103. Holy Reliquary Hoard: Contains relics of various saints and holy individuals.
  104. Dragon’s Song Scroll Hoard: Scrolls with sheet music for songs sung by dragon kind.
  105. Ancestral Totem Hoard: Totems representing various tribes and clans, each telling its own tale.
  106. Celestial Instrument Hoard: Instruments used for celestial navigation and astronomy.
  107. Miniature Castle Hoard: Miniature replicas of the many castles and fortresses the dragon has seen.
  108. Hero’s Gauntlet Hoard: Collection of gauntlets that once belonged to various champions.
  109. Gorgon’s Gaze Stone Hoard: Collection of creatures turned to stone by a gorgon’s gaze.
  110. Dragon’s Whisper Hoard: Bottles that contain the whispered secrets of dragons.
  111. Silken Flag Hoard: Flags made from various kinds of silks from around the world.
  112. Bottled Storm Hoard: Collection of storms captured and contained within bottles.
  113. Cursed Gem Hoard: Gems that are cursed with various effects, each unique and mysterious.
  114. Enchanted Hourglass Hoard: Hourglasses that each manipulate time in a different way.
  115. Mythic Monster Hoard: Miniature figures of mythical monsters from around the world.
  116. Oracle’s Eye Hoard: Collection of crystal orbs used by oracles for divination.
  117. Moonlit Pearl Hoard: Pearls that have been bathed in the light of a full moon.
  118. Legendary Recipe Hoard: Collection of recipes from legendary chefs and magical cuisines.
  119. Sorcerer’s Robe Hoard: Collection of robes from sorcerers across the ages.
  120. Spirit Lantern Hoard: Lanterns that each contain a unique spirit.
  121. Enchanted Puppet Hoard: Puppets with a semblance of life due to enchantments placed on them.
  122. Magical Locket Hoard: Lockets that each contain a different kind of magic.
  123. Frozen Echo Hoard: Collection of sounds frozen in time and crystal.
  124. Lich’s Phylactery Hoard: Collection of phylacteries from defeated liches.
  125. Mythic Crest Hoard: Collection of crests from various mythical families and orders.
  126. Ancient Mosaic Hoard: Collection of beautiful mosaics depicting scenes from ancient history.
  127. Dreamcatcher Hoard: Dreamcatchers that have captured dreams from various individuals.
  128. Eternal Flame Hoard: Flames that never die, encased in magic crystal lanterns.
  129. Djinn’s Lamp Hoard: Collection of lamps that once housed djinns.
  130. Enchanted Armor Hoard: Pieces of armor enchanted with various kinds of magic.
  131. Mage’s Staff Hoard: Collection of staves from various mages throughout history.
  132. Giant’s Tooth Hoard: Teeth from different giants, each bigger and more imposing than the other.
  133. Cyclops’ Eye Hoard: Collection of eyes from cyclopes defeated in battle.
  134. Knight’s Banner Hoard: Collection of banners from the many knightly orders in the world.
  135. Sorcerer’s Amulet Hoard: Amulets that have been enchanted by different sorcerers.
  136. Titan’s Bone Hoard: Bones from various titans, each a relic of a bygone age.
  137. Phantom Silk Hoard: Collection of silken fabrics woven by phantoms.
  138. Sacred Grove Leaf Hoard: Collection of leaves from the sacred groves of various deities.
  139. Mythic Blade Hoard: Collection of swords that feature in various myths and legends.
  140. Chimera Horn Hoard: Horns from different chimeras, each unique and powerful.
  141. Witch’s Cauldron Hoard: Cauldrons that once belonged to powerful witches.
  142. Fey Lantern Hoard: Lanterns that light the way in the Feywild.
  143. Dragon Scale Armor Hoard: Collection of armors crafted from the scales of various dragons.
  144. Necromancer’s Scroll Hoard: Scrolls containing various necromantic spells.
  145. Merfolk Trident Hoard: Collection of tridents that once belonged to merfolk warriors.
  146. Basilisk Eye Crystal Hoard: Crystals that were once the eyes of basilisks.
  147. Harpie’s Feather Hoard: Collection of feathers from various harpies.
  148. Manticore Spine Hoard: Collection of spines from various manticores.
  149. Wyvern’s Venom Hoard: Collection of vials containing venom from different wyverns.
  150. Banshee’s Wail Bottle Hoard: Bottles that contain the wails of various banshees.
  151. Enchanted Quill Hoard: Quills that have been enchanted with various magical properties.
  152. Werebeast Fur Hoard: Collection of furs from different werebeasts.
  153. Kobold’s Trinket Hoard: Collection of trinkets and baubles stolen by kobolds.
  154. Ancient God Statue Hoard: Collection of statues representing ancient gods from various pantheons.
  155. Gnome’s Invention Hoard: Collection of fascinating inventions created by gnomish tinkerers.
  156. Ghost’s Tear Crystal Hoard: Crystals that were once the tears of ghosts.
  157. Genie’s Bottle Hoard: Collection of bottles that once contained genies.
  158. Angel’s Feather Hoard: Collection of feathers that once belonged to angels.
  159. Demon’s Horn Hoard: Collection of horns from various demons.
  160. Bard’s Lyre Hoard: Collection of lyres from various famous bards.
  161. Enchanted Map Hoard: Collection of maps that display magical locations.
  162. Druid’s Staff Hoard: Collection of staves that once belonged to powerful druids.
  163. Centaur’s Bow Hoard: Collection of bows crafted by centaur archers.
  164. Elemental Crystal Hoard: Crystals representing the different elemental planes.
  165. Griffon’s Beak Hoard: Collection of beaks from various griffons.
  166. Sphinx’s Riddle Scroll Hoard: Scrolls containing riddles posed by various sphinxes.
  167. Treant’s Bark Hoard: Collection of bark pieces from different treants.
  168. Kraken’s Ink Hoard: Collection of vials containing ink from different krakens.
  169. Fairy’s Wing Hoard: Collection of wings from various fairies.
  170. Minotaur’s Axe Hoard: Collection of axes wielded by different minotaurs.
  171. Pegasus’ Horseshoe Hoard: Collection of horseshoes that once belonged to various pegasi.
  172. Nymph’s Robe Hoard: Collection of robes woven by nymphs.
  173. Golem’s Core Hoard: Collection of magical cores that once powered golems.
  174. Medusa’s Mirror Hoard: Collection of mirrors that have reflected Medusa’s gaze.
  175. Unicorn Horn Hoard: Collection of horns from various unicorns.
  176. Priest’s Prayer Bead Hoard: Collection of prayer beads that once belonged to holy priests.
  177. Alchemist’s Potion Hoard: Collection of potions brewed by various alchemists.
  178. Cerberus Collar Hoard: Collection of collars that once held Cerberus at bay.
  179. Mermaid’s Comb Hoard: Collection of combs crafted by mermaids.
  180. Pixie Dust Hoard: Collection of vials filled with pixie dust.
  181. Siren’s Song Shell Hoard: Shells that hold the haunting melodies of sirens.
  182. Elemental Gem Hoard: Collection of gems infused with the power of the elements.
  183. Satyr’s Panpipe Hoard: Collection of panpipes crafted by satyrs.
  184. Giant’s Club Hoard: Collection of clubs that once belonged to various giants.
  185. Vampire Fang Hoard: Collection of fangs from various vampires.
  186. Shapeshifter’s Amulet Hoard: Collection of amulets used by shapeshifters.
  187. Ghost’s Chain Hoard: Collection of chains that once bound ghosts.
  188. Wizard’s Hat Hoard: Collection of hats that once belonged to various wizards.
  189. Divine Symbol Hoard: Collection of symbols representing various gods and goddesses.
  190. Basilisk Scale Hoard: Collection of scales from various basilisks.
  191. Mummy’s Bandage Hoard: Collection of bandages that once wrapped mummies.
  192. Elder Scroll Hoard: Collection of scrolls containing prophecies and ancient knowledge.
  193. Pixie’s Lantern Hoard: Collection of lanterns used by pixies to light their way in the dark.
  194. Gorgon’s Scale Hoard: Collection of scales shed by various gorgons.
  195. Leprechaun’s Gold Hoard: Collection of gold coins guarded by leprechauns.
  196. Dryad’s Acorn Hoard: Collection of acorns from the trees of various dryads.
  197. Minstrel’s Sheet Music Hoard: Collection of sheet music from different minstrels.
  198. Magical Tattoo Hoard: Collection of magical tattoos etched on preserved skin.
  199. Enchanted Tattoo Needle Hoard: Collection of needles used for magical tattoos.
  200. Dragon’s Tear Gem Hoard: Collection of gems that were once the tears of dragons.
  201. Moonstone Hoard: Collection of moonstones, which are said to contain the magic of the moon.
  202. Conductor’s Baton Hoard: Collection of batons that were used by the greatest conductors in history.
  203. Eternal Ice Hoard: Collection of ice shards that never melt, each containing a unique enchantment.
  204. Holy Water Hoard: Collection of vials of holy water, each taken from a different sacred spring.
  205. Psionic Crystal Hoard: Collection of crystals that enhance psychic abilities.
  206. Firefly Lantern Hoard: Collection of lanterns lit by enchanted fireflies.
  207. Rainbow Prism Hoard: Collection of prisms that refract light into a spectrum of colors.
  208. Sun Dial Hoard: Collection of sundials from various eras and cultures.
  209. Phoenix Feather Quill Hoard: Collection of quills made from phoenix feathers, each capable of writing with fire.
  210. Sacred Runestone Hoard: Collection of runestones, each engraved with powerful runes.
  211. Owl’s Wisdom Scroll Hoard: Collection of scrolls containing the wisdom of owls.
  212. Gryphon Eggshell Hoard: Collection of gryphon eggshells, each imbued with the magic of flight.
  213. Mirror of Truth Hoard: Collection of mirrors that always reflect the truth.
  214. Mermaid’s Pearl Hoard: Collection of pearls gifted by mermaids to their beloved.
  215. Yeti Fur Hoard: Collection of yeti furs, each emanating a mystical cold.
  216. Fairy Tale Book Hoard: Collection of books, each containing different fairy tales from various lands.
  217. Cleric’s Chalice Hoard: Collection of chalices used by clerics in divine ceremonies.
  218. Magical Compass Hoard: Collection of compasses that each point towards different things.
  219. Goddess’s Tear Hoard: Collection of vials containing the tears of various goddesses.
  220. Magical Kite Hoard: Collection of kites that have magical properties.
  221. Ranger’s Arrowhead Hoard: Collection of arrowheads used by famous rangers.
  222. Warlock’s Pact Hoard: Collection of sealed pacts made by various warlocks with their patrons.
  223. Ancient Coin Hoard: Collection of ancient coins from lost civilizations.
  224. Fairy’s Tear Hoard: Collection of fairy tears turned into precious gems.
  225. Wishing Star Hoard: Collection of fallen stars, each said to grant a single wish.
  226. Time Sand Hoard: Collection of magical sand that can manipulate time.
  227. Witch’s Broom Hoard: Collection of brooms that were once used by witches.
  228. Goblin King’s Crown Hoard: Collection of crowns that belonged to various goblin kings.
  229. Mimic Tooth Hoard: Collection of teeth from various mimic creatures.
  230. Frost Giant’s Ice Shard Hoard: Collection of ice shards from the lairs of frost giants.
  231. Dryad’s Seed Hoard: Collection of seeds from various types of magical plants.
  232. Bard’s Ballad Scroll Hoard: Collection of scrolls containing ballads sung by famous bards.
  233. Harpy’s Talon Hoard: Collection of talons from different harpies.
  234. Sorcerer’s Familiar Hoard: Collection of statuettes representing various sorcerers’ familiars.
  235. Wizard’s Wand Hoard: Collection of wands that were once used by famous wizards.
  236. Rogue’s Lockpick Hoard: Collection of lockpicks used by famous rogues.
  237. Invisible Cloak Hoard: Collection of cloaks that grant invisibility.
  238. Orc Warlord’s Helmet Hoard: Collection of helmets that belonged to various orc warlords.
  239. Dwarf’s Ale Stein Hoard: Collection of steins from various dwarven clans.
  240. Warrior’s Shield Hoard: Collection of shields that belonged to famous warriors.
  241. Elf’s Longbow Hoard: Collection of longbows crafted by elven archers.
  242. Vampire’s Coffin Hoard: Collection of miniature coffins from various vampires.
  243. Angel’s Harp Hoard: Collection of harps that belonged to various angels.
  244. Giant’s Belt Hoard: Collection of belts that belonged to various giants.
  245. Demon’s Trident Hoard: Collection of tridents wielded by various demons.
  246. Hydra’s Head Hoard: Collection of preserved heads from various hydras.
  247. Medusa’s Snake Hoard: Collection of snakes that were once part of Medusa’s hair.
  248. Griffin’s Feather Hoard: Collection of feathers from various griffins.
  249. Minotaur’s Labyrinth Hoard: Collection of miniature labyrinths inspired by the one from the Minotaur’s myth.
  250. Nymph’s Flower Crown Hoard: Collection of flower crowns worn by different nymphs.
  251. Cerberus’s Collar Hoard: Collection of collars that once belonged to multi-headed hounds.
  252. Pegasus’s Feather Hoard: Collection of feathers from various pegasi.
  253. Centaur’s Quiver Hoard: Collection of quivers made by centaur craftsmen.
  254. Satyr’s Flute Hoard: Collection of flutes played by different satyrs.
  255. Mermaid’s Shell Hoard: Collection of shells collected from various mermaids.
  256. Wendigo’s Antler Hoard: Collection of antlers shed by various wendigos.
  257. Sphinx’s Riddle Hoard: Collection of scrolls containing riddles told by different sphinxes.
  258. Will-o’-the-wisp’s Lantern Hoard: Collection of lanterns that once contained will-o’-the-wisps.
  259. Kitsune’s Mask Hoard: Collection of masks that were used by kitsunes.
  260. Selkie’s Coat Hoard: Collection of coats shed by various selkies.
  261. Banshee’s Comb Hoard: Collection of combs that belonged to different banshees.
  262. Fomorian’s Eye Hoard: Collection of eyes that once belonged to fomorians.
  263. Pixie’s Thimble Hoard: Collection of thimbles that pixies use as cups.
  264. Leprechaun’s Shoe Hoard: Collection of tiny shoes that once belonged to leprechauns.
  265. Naga’s Scale Hoard: Collection of scales that once belonged to various nagas.
  266. Sylph’s Wind Chime Hoard: Collection of wind chimes that play the songs of the sylphs.
  267. Gorgon’s Eye Hoard: Collection of eyes from different gorgons, each one possessing a unique petrifying gaze.
  268. Kraken’s Tentacle Hoard: Collection of tentacle relics from various krakens.
  269. Oni’s Mask Hoard: Collection of masks that were once worn by different onis.
  270. Ghost’s Shroud Hoard: Collection of shrouds that once covered various ghosts.
  271. Valkyrie’s Spear Hoard: Collection of spears that once belonged to various valkyries.
  272. Pegasus’s Wing Feather Hoard: Collection of wing feathers from various pegasi.
  273. Treant’s Seed Hoard: Collection of seeds from various treants.
  274. Centaur’s Hoofprint Hoard: Collection of casts of hoofprints from different centaurs.
  275. Mummy’s Scarab Hoard: Collection of scarabs that were once part of a mummy’s curse.
  276. Kelpie’s Bridle Hoard: Collection of bridles that were used to control various kelpies.
  277. Djinn’s Lamp Hoard: Collection of lamps that were used to contain djinn.
  278. Nymph’s Tear Hoard: Collection of tears from various nymphs turned into precious gems.
  279. Chimera’s Fang Hoard: Collection of fangs from various chimeras.
  280. Banshee’s Veil Hoard: Collection of veils worn by different banshees.
  281. Harpy’s Song Hoard: Collection of recordings of the songs of various harpies.
  282. Satyr’s Wine Flask Hoard: Collection of flasks that once held the wine of different satyrs.
  283. Werewolf’s Claw Hoard: Collection of claws from various werewolves.
  284. Selkie’s Seal Skin Hoard: Collection of seal skins that once belonged to selkies.
  285. Siren’s Scale Hoard: Collection of scales that once belonged to various sirens.
  286. Naiad’s Water Lily Hoard: Collection of water lilies given by various naiads.
  287. Sprite’s Acorn Cap Hoard: Collection of acorn caps used by sprites as hats.
  288. Valkyrie’s Wing Feather Hoard: Collection of wing feathers that once belonged to various valkyries.
  289. Rusalka’s Comb Hoard: Collection of combs that once belonged to various rusalkas.
  290. Salamander’s Fire Stone Hoard: Collection of fire stones that once belonged to salamanders.
  291. Dryad’s Leaf Hoard: Collection of leaves from the trees of various dryads.
  292. Hippogriff’s Feather Hoard: Collection of feathers from various hippogriffs.
  293. Dragon Turtle’s Shell Fragment Hoard: Collection of shell fragments from various dragon turtles.
  294. Will-o’-Wisp’s Glow Orb Hoard: Collection of orbs that were once the glow of a will-o’-wisp.
  295. Phoenix’s Ash Hoard: Collection of ashes from various phoenixes, each one still holding a spark of life.
  296. Yuan-ti’s Scale Hoard: Collection of scales that once belonged to different yuan-ti.
  297. Golem’s Heartstone Hoard: Collection of heartstones that once powered various golems.
  298. Peryton’s Antler Hoard: Collection of antlers shed by various perytons.
  299. Succubus’s Kiss Hoard: Collection of gems that hold the memory of a succubus’s kiss.
  300. Elemental’s Core Hoard: Collection of elemental cores, each containing the essence of an elemental being.

Here is a good video about dragon hoards for DND:

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Dragon Horde Generators for DND

In case these 300 dragon hoard ideas are not enough for you, there are generators where you can generate unlimited dragon hoards.

Some of my favorite dragon hoard generators include:

Final Thoughts: Dragon Hoards for DND

I hope this guide gives you plenty of inspiration for coming up with unique and creative dragon hoards for your DND adventures and campaigns.

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