What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Solved)

When you combine a human with a dragon, you end up with a fantastic creature that goes by many names.

What is a half-human half-dragon called?

The most common term used to describe a half-human half-dragon is “half-dragon.”

A half-human half-dragon is also called:

  • Half-Man, Half-Dragon
  • Draconic Humanoid
  • Half-dragon Humanoid
  • WereDragon
  • Dragon Hybrid
  • Dracotaur
  • Dragonkin
  • Shapeshifter
  • Zmeu
  • Shokan
  • Hragon

In this article, we’ll go through each term to show what it means and how it’s used.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Half-Dragon)

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A half-dragon is 50% dragon and 50% human.

It could also be a human with dragon features—scales, wings, or shape.

You’ll see this popular term everywhere from TV, movies, comics, books, and roleplaying games.

In Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), a half-dragon usually comes from one fully human parent breeding with a dragon polymorphed into a human.

Half-dragon is a simple term that clearly describes the two-part being.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Half-Man Half-Dragon)

Some people call a half-human half-dragon a “half-man, half-dragon.”

This term is a little more specific, as it refers to the human side of the equation.

It’s not as commonly used as “half-dragon” but you may come across it from time to time.

Even though this term includes the word “man,” it actually refers to any gender. Just like the word “mankind” includes both men and women.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Draconic Humanoid)

Draconic humanoid is another term you’ll hear.

This is used to describe a human-like creature that has dragon features.

The term “draconic humanoid” may refer to a variety of things. It is likely that many or all of these are descendants of dragons and normal humans, or a new species entirely.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Half-Dragon Humanoid)

When people use the term “half-dragon humanoid,” they usually mean a dragon that follows the basic body frame of a human.

You could even call it a “body map.”

This usually means the being possesses a human-like torso with human-like limbs.

Aka, human arms and legs.

That’s where the “humanoid” part of the descriptive term comes into play. Essentially, a humanoid is any creature that resembles a human in form.

Examples of humanoids:

  • Goblins
  • Trolls
  • Lizard people
  • Halflings
  • Minotaurs

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Weredragon)

A Weredragon is a human that can transform into a dragon. This usually occurs through some kind of magic, like a curse or spell. 

The term “were” comes from old English, and it means “man.”

“Were” is used to describe people who turn into other creatures, usually animals.

So, a Weredragon is a man that turns into a dragon.

Similar to other “were” creatures:

  • Werewolves
  • Weredog
  • Werecat
  • Werebear
  • Wereshark
  • Weretiger

A Weredragon can also be called a Dracowere.

Dracowere is a compound word made of “dragon” and “were”. A Dracowere is a human that is half-human and half-dragon.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Dragon Hybrid)

A dragon hybrid is a creature that is half-dragon and half-something else.

This could be another large creature, a human, an elf, or any other type of being.

Creating a dragon hybrid is a way for two different creatures to combine and form something unique.

It’s like mixing two different colors together to make a new, vibrant shade.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Dracotaur)

A Dracotaur is a creature that is half-human and half-dragon.

It’s related to other creatures with a “-taur” suffix, such as a minotaur. A minotaur is a mythological being from Greek lore that is part of the bull family.

Most of the time, a minotaur possesses a human body from the next down but the full face and head of a bull.

A centaur is a similar creature, but it is half-human and half-horse.

Just like these other creatures, a Dracotaur has some body parts that clearly resemble a human. Other body parts—head, claws, tail—showcase dragon features.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Dragonkin)

The term “Dragonkin” is used to describe any creature that is related to dragons.

You could also use “Dragonborn” or “Dragonoid” almost interchangeably.

This could be a half-dragon, or it could be a being with some other type of relation to a dragon.

For example, a dragonkin could be offspring born from a dragon mating with another creature. It could also be a creature that has some other magical or ancestral connection to dragons.

To be clear, a half-dragon and Dragonkin don’t always mean the same thing in every context (for example, in D&D).

However, you will find that many people use both terms to mean half-dragon.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Hragon)

A Hragon is a word that combines the “h” in humans with the “ragon” in dragon.

It is a simple linguistic way of describing a half-dragon.

A hragon tells you right away that the creature is a half-human and half-dragon.

You won’t hear this term used very often but I wanted to include it so that you know it if you ever do see it.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Shapeshifter)

Shapeshifters are creatures that can change their form. This means they can take on the appearance of other beings or animals.

Shapeshifters might also be called “changelings.”

Shapeshifting is a common trait among magical creatures. It’s also something that is often seen in folklore and mythology.

Some famous shapeshifters include:

  • The werewolf
  • Vampires
  • Wizards
  • Witches

Typically, shapeshifters can change form anytime they want.

Shapeshifters are a subtype of half-human half-dragons because shapeshifters can normally only exist in one form at a time.

On our topic, they can either look like dragons or like humans.

They usually don’t (and can’t) appear like both at the very same time.

What Is a Half-Human Half-Dragon Called? (Zmeu)

Zmeu is a dragon shape-shifter with anthropomorphic characteristics from Slavic myth.

Anthropomorphic means to have human-like characteristics.

This creature is known for being able to transform into multiple different forms.

These forms might include:

  • A young man
  • A serpent
  • A dragon

Zmeu is also able to sometimes take on the form of other animals.

However, this dragon shape-shifter is most well-known for taking on a human form to kidnap beautiful women and marry them.

What Do You Call a Half-Human Half-Dragon? (Shokan)

Shokan is a fantasy race of part-human part-dragon fighters.

They are native to the Mortal Kombat video game universe. One of the most noticeable features of Shokan is their four muscular arms.

Some of the most famous Shokan include:

  • Goro
  • Kintaro
  • Sheeva

What Is the Most Common Term To Describe a Half-Human Half-Dragon?

The most common term to describe a half-human half-dragon is simply, “Half-Dragon.”

The “half” implies that the creature is half human and half something else. This is the term that is most commonly used to describe this type of creature in folklore, mythology, and fantasy stories.

It is also the term that is used in role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

For more info about half-dragons in D&D, you can read about them in the D&D Monster Manual.

When people hear “half,” the assumption is that we are talking about humans. Otherwise, we would call it a hybrid and name the various mix of creatures.

At least the most dominant beings in the mix.

For half-dragons, the dragon half is the most interesting and different, so that’s why we emphasize it in the name (Half-Dragon).

Here is a good video that goes into more detail about half-dragons in D&D:

YouTube video by AJ Pickett

Final Thoughts

Language is fluid and ever-changing.

You can use whatever term you want to describe half-human half-dragons. Personally, I stick with “half-dragon.”

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