DND: What Can Druids Turn Into? (Best 21+ Wild Shapes)

Druids have cornered the market on the ultimate identity crisis: who to become today?

What can druids turn into?

Druids can turn into many beasts using their Wild Shape ability, such as monkeys, wolves, and giant scorpions. Limited by their level and creature’s Challenge Rating, druids cannot transform into non-beasts like hydras or phoenixes. Moon Druids can become elementals at higher levels.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what druids can turn into.

What Can Druids Turn Into? (Official Answer)

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According to the official Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, druids gain the Wild Shape ability at 2nd level.

This ability allows them to transform into beasts they have seen before.

The creature’s challenge rating (CR) must be no higher than 1/4 at early levels.

But this increases as the druid levels up.

Additionally, the chosen form must adhere to any limitations based on the druid’s level and subclass.

For example, some subclasses like the Circle of the Moon allow transformations into higher CR creatures.

Wild Shape is not limitless, however.

Druids can’t turn into creatures with a swim speed or a flying speed until they reach higher levels (4th for swim, 8th for fly).

But as druids level up, they gain access to more powerful forms and even elemental forms.

Understanding the specific rules and guidelines set forth in the Player’s Handbook is crucial for maximizing this iconic class feature.

21 Questions Answered About Druid Wild Shape

Players ask what seems like an unlimted number of questions about what druids and Wild Shape.

I mean, what can druids turn into?

Let’s answer 21 questions to find out.

Can Druids Turn Into Anything?

No, druids cannot turn into just “anything.”

Their transformation is limited to beasts that they’ve seen before and creatures that meet specific criteria, like Challenge Rating and movement capabilities.

While the variety is extensive, it’s not unlimited.

Over time, as the druid advances in levels and possibly joins different druidic circles, they can expand their repertoire.

Can Druids Turn Into Owlbears?

As appealing as it sounds, druids can’t transform into owlbears using their Wild Shape feature.

Owlbears are considered monstrosities, not beasts, in Dungeons & Dragons.

Wild Shape specifically states that the druid can turn into a beast they have seen, which excludes the creature types like monstrosities, humanoids, or undead.

However, a Dungeon Master (DM) might be flexible with the rules for the sake of storytelling.

For thematic reasons, exceptions could potentially be made.

But according to the official rules, the answer is no.

Can Druids Turn Into Dragons?

Druids are limited to transforming into beasts, and dragons are classified under their own category.

Verly cleverly, “dragons.”

If you stick to the official D&D rules, druids cannot turn into dragons.

Of course, homebrew rules and certain campaign-specific elements might allow for exceptions, but these would be non-standard.

Therefore, as far as the Player’s Handbook is concerned, dragons are off the table for Wild Shape.

Can Druids Turn Into a T Rex?

Yes, a druid can turn into a T-Rex, but there are limitations.

Specifically, they must be a Circle of the Moon druid and have reached at least level 20.

A T-Rex is a CR 8 beast, which means a druid needs to have a fairly high level to access this form.

Turning into a T-Rex can be quite the game-changer in combat, given its impressive stats and abilities.

Can Druids Turn Into Demons?

Demons fall under the “fiends” category in D&D, so based on the official rules, druids cannot turn into demons.

Wild Shape is explicitly limited to “beasts.”

Fiends like demons or devils are not available options for druids.

The thematic elements of a druid transforming into a demon would also generally clash with their natural and often nature-oriented focus.

However, as always, homebrew rules and DM discretion can open doors to non-traditional options.

Can Druids Turn Into a Spider?

Yes, druids can turn into spiders.

Spiders are classified as beasts, making them valid options for a druid’s Wild Shape.

Spiders offer the ability to climb and produce webs, which can be very useful in both combat and role-playing scenarios.

In one of my games, the party needed to gather intel from a highly secure fortress.

Our druid chose to turn into a tiny spider and crawl under the doors, avoiding guards and traps.

She managed to get crucial information by eavesdropping on the enemy commanders.

Her tiny form allowed her to go unnoticed, providing our party with the information we needed for a surprise attack.

Remember that not all spiders are created equal in D&D.

The specific type of spider you can transform into will depend on your level and the spider’s Challenge Rating.

Can Druids Turn Into a Fly?

The rules don’t specifically list a common housefly as a beast in D&D.

But druids can transform into creatures like Giant Flies, depending on their level and the creature’s Challenge Rating.

Giant Flies are considered beasts and thus can be an option for Wild Shape.

Turning into a fly or similar small creature can offer numerous benefits, such as infiltration or stealth missions.

However, this form would be incredibly limited in combat scenarios.

Mostly, due to its low health and lack of offensive abilities.

Can Druids Turn Into a Swarm of Insects?

A druid cannot turn into a swarm of insects using the Wild Shape ability.

Swarms are considered a different type of entity and do not fall under the “beast” category.

That said, there are spells like “Conjure Animals” that could potentially summon a swarm of beasts.

Although you, as the druid, would not be able to become the swarm yourself.

Can Druids Turn Into a Snake?

Yes, druids can turn into snakes.

Snakes are considered beasts in D&D, making them a valid choice for the Wild Shape ability.

The type of snake you can turn into depends on your level and the snake’s Challenge Rating.

Snakes offer a range of tactical advantages, including the ability to move through small spaces, climb, and deliver poisonous attacks.

Can Druids Turn Into a Tiger?

Absolutely, druids can turn into tigers.

Tigers are classified as beasts, and they have a Challenge Rating that makes them accessible to druids as they level up.

Tigers are particularly strong and agile.

In other words, they make excellent choices for both combat and exploration.

Tigers offer excellent movement speed, powerful attacks, and the “Keen Smell” ability, which grants advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell.

Quick storytime about wild shaping into a tiger.

During a campaign, our druid found herself cornered in a narrow alley by a group of bandits.

Just when things looked bleak, she used her Wild Shape to turn into a tiger.

The bandits were so shocked that they dropped their weapons and ran.

Not only did she escape unscathed, but she also left with some new loot—picked up by her tiger mouth, of course.

Can a Druid Turn Into a Horse?

Yes, a druid can turn into a horse.

Their Challenge Rating makes them an accessible choice for druids even at lower levels.

Transforming into a horse can be particularly useful for quick travel or carrying allies and equipment.

It’s worth noting that while in horse form, a druid retains their mental faculties, so you can still understand the languages you knew in your original form.

However, you can’t speak or cast spells, consistent with the general rules of Wild Shape.


Can a Druid Turn Into a Monkey?

Yes, druids can turn into monkeys.

Monkeys offer some unique benefits, such as exceptional agility and climbing abilities.

Transforming into a monkey can be useful for recon, solving puzzles, or navigating complex environments.

However, that monkeys are generally not strong combatants, so this form may not be ideal for battles.

Can Druids Turn Into a Hydra?

No, druids cannot turn into a hydra.

Hydras are classified as monstrosities in D&D, not beasts. Therefore, they are not valid options for the Wild Shape ability.

Even if hydras were considered beasts, their Challenge Rating is typically very high.

So it is unlikely that a druid would be able to transform into one based on the official rules.

Can Druids Turn Into a Mythical Beast?

Druids cannot turn into mythical beasts like unicorns, griffins, or chimeras.

These creatures are generally classified as monstrosities, celestial beings, or other types of creatures that fall outside the “beast” category.

These creatures are compelling and often highly powerful.

Yet, the limitations of Wild Shape make them inaccessible for druids under the official rules of D&D.

Can Druids Turn Into a Phoenix?

No, druids cannot turn into a phoenix using Wild Shape.

Phoenixes are usually classified as elemental or celestial beings, depending on the lore and setting.

Therefore, they do not qualify as beasts, which is the primary criterion for Wild Shape.

Can Druids Turn Into Wolves?

Yes, druids can absolutely turn into wolves.

Wolves are beasts, which makes them eligible for Wild Shape. Wolves offer good speed, keen senses, and pack tactics.

Wolves can also howl to communicate with other wolves, which could have role-playing benefits.

Their keen hearing and smell offer advantages on Perception checks, making wolves versatile and useful in many situations.

Can Druids Turn Into Blink Dogs?

No, druids cannot turn into Blink Dogs using Wild Shape.

Although they closely resemble ordinary canines, Blink Dogs are classified as fey creatures.

Blink Dogs have the unique ability to teleport, which would undoubtedly be a fascinating feature to exploit.

But as per the standard rules, they remain off-limits for druids.

Can Druids Turn Into a Drake?

No, druids cannot turn into a drake using their Wild Shape ability.

Drakes are usually classified as dragons or dragon-related creatures.

Unfortunately, they do not fall under the category of beasts.

Like many other creatures in this list, the creature type disqualifies them from Wild Shape.

Can Druids Turn Into a Giant Scorpion?

Yes, druids can transform into a Giant Scorpion.

Giant Scorpions offer potent attacks, including poison, which can be particularly deadly in combat scenarios.

They also have a good armor class and decent hit points

Aka, they are Wild Shape tanks.

The ability to grapple and poison enemies can make this form a formidable choice in battles.

Can Moon Druids Turn Into Elementals?

Yes, Moon Druids gain the ability to turn into elementals at level 10.

This is a unique feature for druids of the Circle of the Moon.

Elementals offer a variety of unique abilities, from the Earth Elemental’s “Siege Monster” feature to the Fire Elemental’s “Fire Form.”

Years ago, when our Circle of the Moon druid first reached level 10, he was eager to try out his new elemental forms.

In an underground tunnel, he chose to become an Earth Elemental.

Excited about his new digging abilities, he started to burrow ahead of the group, forgetting that the rest of the party couldn’t follow through solid rock.

We had to spend an extra in-game day navigating around the massive hole he left in his wake.

Can a Non-Human Druid Turn Into a Human?

No, a non-human druid cannot turn into a human using their Wild Shape ability.

The transformational power excludes humanoids like humans, elves, or dwarves.

The concept of a non-human druid transforming into a human for disguise or espionage purposes is intriguing.

It’s just not supported by the rules.

Spells like “Polymorph” or “Alter Self” could achieve this effect, but they are separate from the Wild Shape feature.

What Is the Most Powerful Creature a Druid Can Wild Shape Into?

The most powerful creature a druid can transform into largely depends on their level and subclass.

For Circle of the Moon druids, turning into an elemental at level 10 is highly potent, offering a mix of combat capabilities and utility functions.

At level 20, they can turn into beasts with a Challenge Rating as high as 6.

This includes formidable creatures like the T-Rex.

The power of a Wild Shape form is not just in its raw statistics but also in how well it suits the situation.

From speed and agility to specialized abilities like flight or swimming, the most “powerful” form for a druid will often depend on the specific needs of the moment.

Here is a YouTube short about the most underrated Wild Shape creature:

YouTube Short Video by @DnDShorts – What Can Druids Turn Into?

Where Can I Find Wild Shape Options?

The best places to find Wild Shape options are:

Final Thoughts: What Can Druids Turn Into?

While a druid might not be able to morph into the latest mythical creature trending on fantasy Twitter, they’re still the reigning champions of transformation.

Ultimately, it’s not just about the shape you take, but the adventures you embark on.

Until the next wild ride—stay shapeshifty, my friends!

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