100 Best DND Memes (Try Not to Laugh)

Roll for initiative, laughter guaranteed.

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the lighter side of the dungeon—the side where dragons wear aprons and wizards can’t get their spells straight. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a bard tries to charm their way out of a traffic ticket or a rogue fills their bags with everything but treasure, you’re in the right place.

DND memes often play on the game’s tropes, the unpredictability of dice rolls, and the dynamic between players and Dungeon Masters (DMs).

Here hare the best DND memes to rule them all.

Best Places to Find DND Memes

Besides right here, of course.

For those looking to dive into the humor that DND offers, several platforms serve as treasure troves of memes:

  • Reddit: Subreddits like r/DnD and r/DnDMemes are constantly updated with community-generated content.
  • Instagram and Twitter: Hashtags like #DNDMemes lead to countless posts.
  • Facebook: Groups dedicated to DND often share memes among other content.
  • Imgur: A repository of images and memes, including a dedicated DND section.

Top 10 Best DND Memes

These are the 10 best original DND Memes that you won’t find anywhere else (because I created them all).

The Overprepared Sorcerer

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Wizard surround by books, ready for anything.
“When the DM says it’s a casual game but you’re not taking any chances.”

Nat 1 Diplomacy

Paladin holding a giant scroll, dragon in the background -- DND Meme
“When your ‘charming’ paladin rolls a Nat 1 on diplomacy.”DND Meme

The Fourth Wall Break

DND Characters at a table with dice -- DND Memes
“When the characters start questioning the dice rolls.”DND Meme

The Loot Goblin

A rogue with pockets overflowing with gold -- DND Meme
“That moment when the rogue says they didn’t find any loot.”DND Meme

The DM’s Revenge

DM smirking at a roleplaying game table -- DND Memes
“When players complain, the campaign isn’t challenging enough.”DND Memes

Spell Misfire

wizard experiences a spell backfiring in a grand library
“Reading the spell description after casting it.”DND Meme

The Smile

DM smiling at a game table -- DND Memes
“When the DM smiles, it’s already too late.” DND Memes

The Map Maker

A character surrounded by dozens of maps -- DND Memes
“When you’re not lost, just ‘cartographically challenged.'”DND Memes

The Health Potion Hoarder

A character surrounded by health potions but at low health -- DND Memes
“Too precious to use.”DND Memes

The Bard’s Solution

A bard seducing a monster-- DND Memes
“When in doubt, charm it out.”DND Memes

100 Original DND Meme Ideas

Creating a full list of 100 meme ideas here would exceed our space, but let’s start with a few to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. A cleric praying for divine intervention… to find their lost socks.
  2. A barbarian using a goblin as an improvised weapon.
  3. A wizard who accidentally turns their familiar into a hat.
  4. The moment you realize your entire quest was based on a DM’s typo.
  5. Introducing a vegan troll who refuses to eat adventurers.
  6. A ranger getting jealous of their animal companion’s popularity.
  7. The existential crisis of a skeleton NPC.
  8. A mimic pretending to be a dice bag.
  9. The awkward silence after a failed intimidation roll.
  10. A rogue stealthily sneaking snacks at the game table.
  11. A dragon hoarding not gold, but board games.
  12. The moment the party realizes their bard can only play “Wonderwall.”
  13. A wizard’s familiar going on strike for better working conditions.
  14. A paladin trying to convert an undead army with pamphlets.
  15. The rogue rolling Nat 20s on everything but lockpicking.
  16. A druid stuck in animal form because they forgot the command word.
  17. A barbarian’s existential crisis upon discovering poetry.
  18. A warlock’s patron accidentally butt-dialing them during a battle.
  19. A gelatinous cube wearing a top hat and monocle, pretending to be a noble.
  20. The party’s fighter arm wrestling with an actual arm.
  21. A mimic chest on a dating app, swiping for the perfect adventurer.
  22. A dungeon master’s cat walking across the game board, becoming the final boss.
  23. A goblin tea party interrupted by adventurers.
  24. A wizard accidentally turning their spellbook into a cookbook.
  25. The cleric’s deity putting them on hold during a prayer.
  26. An elf trying to “speak with plants” but they’re all introverts.
  27. A ranger’s animal companion filing a complaint for unpaid labor.
  28. A tiefling setting up a hotline for misunderstood demons.
  29. The party accidentally starting a food fight in the tavern with a spell gone wrong.
  30. A beholder wearing glasses because it’s nearsighted.
  31. An orc bard serenading a hostile crowd with a lute.
  32. A treasure chest that’s actually just full of mimics pretending to be treasure.
  33. A wizard’s spellbook getting a software update in the middle of a battle.
  34. A dwarf refusing to enter a cave because of claustrophobia.
  35. An adventurer’s guild holding a bake sale to fund their quests.
  36. A magic carpet getting a speeding ticket.
  37. A sorcerer’s wild magic surge turning the party into a boy band.
  38. An NPC who keeps forgetting they’re not the main character.
  39. A dragon who’s afraid of heights.
  40. A potion seller’s “manager” being a larger, angrier potion bottle.
  41. The party’s thief picking pockets in a nudist colony.
  42. A lich’s phylactery being accidentally sold at a garage sale.
  43. A bard getting sued for copyright infringement by the gods.
  44. An adventurer using a gelatinous cube as a washing machine.
  45. A mimic disguised as a toilet.
  46. A rogue with a bag of holding full of nothing but stolen left shoes.
  47. A warlock’s familiar demanding a better health insurance plan.
  48. A tavern brawl that starts over the last piece of chicken.
  49. A magic wand that only casts spells when complimented.
  50. A paladin accidentally swearing an oath to a trickster god.
  51. A barbarian who uses a door as a shield.
  52. A wizard that only knows spells to conjure baked goods.
  53. A vampire hunter who’s just really into garlic bread.
  54. A dungeon that’s actually a spa for monsters.
  55. A rogue who specializes in stealing hearts, literally and figuratively.
  56. An elf who’s allergic to nature.
  57. A necromancer who only reanimates plants.
  58. A dwarf who digs too deep and ends up in a fantasy version of Australia.
  59. A bard whose musical instrument is a kazoo of doom.
  60. A campaign where the main quest is to find the DM’s lost cat.
  61. A sorcerer who gets stage fright casting spells in front of people.
  62. A knight who’s scared of horses.
  63. A druid who can only turn into domesticated animals.
  64. A tiefling influencer promoting cursed items on social media.
  65. A goblin who dreams of becoming a gourmet chef.
  66. A monster who’s really just misunderstood and wants a hug.
  67. An adventurer with an irrational fear of treasure chests.
  68. A wizard who accidentally turns themselves into a lich while trying to brew coffee.
  69. A party that starts a band using their weapons as instruments.
  70. A cleric who worships the god of bureaucracy.
  71. A magic sword that gives backhanded compliments.
  72. A campaign based around returning a library book on time.
  73. A dungeon boss who negotiates a 401(k) for his minions.
  74. An archer who’s secretly afraid of arrows.
  75. A potion that makes the drinker speak in rhymes.
  76. A beholder who dreams of being a fashion designer.
  77. A warlock who accidentally signs a lease instead of a pact with their patron.
  78. A barbarian who takes “rage cleaning” to a new level.
  79. A dragon hoarding an impressive collection of rubber ducks.
  80. A ghost haunting a party because they weren’t invited to the DND session.
  81. A wizard’s familiar that’s just a very confused squirrel.
  82. An adventurer who uses a baguette as a weapon.
  83. A group of adventurers starting a pyramid scheme with healing potions.
  84. A paladin who’s secretly a fan of villain-themed musicals.
  85. An evil overlord’s minions going on strike for better working conditions.
  86. A rogue wzho’s also a part-time magician, but not very good.
  87. A bard who accidentally charms themselves.
  88. A mimic pretending to be a mimic pretending to be a treasure chest.
  89. A gnome with a jetpack.
  90. A party’s quest to invent fantasy pizza.
  91. A wizard who specializes in creating magical memes.
  92. A monster afraid of the dark.
  93. A dwarf who becomes a fashion icon with their armor designs.
  94. A ranger’s animal companion that’s just a very loyal rock.
  95. A bard’s song so bad, it actually damages enemies.
  96. A sorcerer who uses magic to cheat at cards.
  97. A cleric who preaches the virtues of caffeine.
  98. A fighter who insists on using a frying pan as a weapon.
  99. An adventurer’s guide to surviving family dinners with monsters.
  100. A quest giver who keeps forgetting what they asked the party to do.

Check out this video for more D&D Memes:

YouTube Video by SkyDieRayBest DND Memes

How to Make Your Own DND Memes

Creating your own DND memes is a fantastic way to share laughs and memories with your gaming group and the broader community.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started on your meme-making adventure:

  1. Choose Your Moment: Think of a funny, ironic, or epic moment from your gameplay sessions. The best DND memes often come from those spontaneous situations that happen during a game.
  2. Find the Right Image: You can use screenshots from virtual tabletops, images of your own gaming setups, or any relevant artwork. There are also many free resources online where you can find fantasy art that fits your idea.
  3. Craft Your Caption: The caption is what makes the meme. It should be short, punchy, and to the point. Try to capture the essence of your chosen moment in a way that will be relatable to other DND players.
  4. Use a Meme Generator: There are numerous online meme generators that are easy to use and allow you to combine your image and text quickly. Simply upload your image, add your text, and adjust the formatting as needed. You can also use Canva or ChatGPT (Pro version).
  5. Share and Enjoy: Once your meme is ready, share it on social media, DND forums, or with your gaming group. The joy of DND memes is in the shared experience and the laughs they bring to others in the community.

Final Thoughts: DND Memes

On this site, you can find lots of DND Maps, guides, and more.

Check out some of the best of these resources below. I think you’ll love them!

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