150 Magic Items for Monks (Good, Bad, & Ugly)

Ever had your Monk stumble across a bizarre magic item in the middle of a campaign?

Maybe they found an enchanted teapot instead of that legendary staff? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Here are 150 magic items for Monks, categorized from the good and the bad to the downright ugly.

Common Magic Items

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Sometimes, even the simplest magic items can be surprisingly useful for a Monk.

  1. Cloak of Billowing – A dramatic flair for your martial artist.
  2. Hat of Vermin – Summon tiny critters to distract or entertain.
  3. Tankard of Sobriety – Never get drunk, even at the rowdiest tavern.
  4. Wand of Smiles – Force a smile on anyone’s face.
  5. Perfume of Bewitching – Smell irresistible for an hour.
  6. Veteran’s Cane – A sturdy cane that also functions as a weapon.
  7. Boots of False Tracks – Leave misleading footprints.
  8. Dread Helm – A helm that makes your eyes glow red.
  9. Enduring Spellbook – Not just for wizards; it’s great for jotting notes.
  10. Pole of Angling – A fishing pole that never fails.

Uncommon Magic Items

Step up your game with these uncommon finds.

  1. Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location – Stay hidden from scrying eyes.
  2. Boots of Elvenkind – Move silently as a whisper.
  3. Bracers of Archery – Improve your ranged attacks.
  4. Cloak of Elvenkind – Blend into the environment with ease.
  5. Decanter of Endless Water – Stay hydrated, always.
  6. Gloves of Thievery – Boost your sleight of hand.
  7. Hat of Disguise – Change your appearance at will.
  8. Immovable Rod – Defy gravity in combat.
  9. Lantern of Revealing – Expose invisible foes.
  10. Quiver of Ehlonna – Carry an arsenal of weapons effortlessly.

Rare Magic Items

For Monks ready to take on the big leagues.

  1. Amulet of Health – Boost your Constitution.
  2. Cloak of Displacement – Dodge attacks with ease.
  3. Eversmoking Bottle – Create a smoke screen anytime.
  4. Gauntlets of Ogre Power – Enhance your physical strength.
  5. Ioun Stone (Agility) – Increase your Dexterity.
  6. Ring of Evasion – Avoid dangerous situations effortlessly.
  7. Scarab of Protection – Gain resistance against necrotic damage.
  8. Stone of Good Luck – Increase your skill checks.
  9. Winged Boots – Take flight when needed.
  10. Rod of the Pact Keeper – Strengthen your magical abilities.

Funny Magic Items

These will make your Monk the life of the party.

  1. Bag of Tricks – Pull out random fuzzy creatures.
  2. Deck of Illusions – Create entertaining illusions.
  3. Dust of Sneezing and Choking – Not so funny for enemies.
  4. Feather Token (Whip) – A feather that turns into a whip.
  5. Goggles of Night – See in the dark, stylishly.
  6. Horn of Blasting – Make a lot of noise.
  7. Pipe of Smoke Monsters – Blow smoke into various shapes.
  8. Potion of Gaseous Form – Turn into a fart cloud.
  9. Ring of Jumping – Leap like a frog.
  10. Wand of Scowls – Make people scowl.

Most Useful Magic Items

Every Monk should consider these handy items.

  1. Amulet of the Planes – Teleport across planes.
  2. Bag of Holding – Carry a ton of stuff.
  3. Belt of Giant Strength – Boost your Strength significantly.
  4. Boots of Speed – Move faster than ever.
  5. Bracers of Defense – Increase your AC.
  6. Cape of the Mountebank – Teleport short distances.
  7. Gem of Seeing – See through illusions.
  8. Horn of Valhalla – Summon warriors to your aid.
  9. Ring of Protection – Boost your AC and saving throws.
  10. Staff of Striking – Deal extra damage in combat.

Homebrewed Magic Items

Some unique, homemade goodies for your Monk.

  1. Band of Quickening – Grants extra movement speed.
  2. Charm of Serenity – Cast Calm Emotions once per day.
  3. Gauntlets of the Iron Fist – Enhance your unarmed strikes.
  4. Monk’s Stone – A stone that boosts Ki regeneration.
  5. Sash of the Wind Walker – Grants the ability to walk on air.
  6. Tattoo of the Dragon – Gain resistance to a chosen damage type.
  7. Tunic of the Tiger – Grants advantage on Strength checks.
  8. Whispering Wind Cloak – Grants the ability to become invisible.
  9. Ring of the Third Eye – Grants true sight.
  10. Belt of the Balanced Mind – Grants advantage on Wisdom saving throws.

Overpowered Magic Items for Monks

Sometimes, you just need that extra edge to become an unstoppable force in your campaign. Here are some overpowered magic items for Monks.

  1. Ring of Three Wishes – Grants you three wishes; the possibilities are endless.
  2. Staff of the Magi – Offers immense magical power and versatility.
  3. Cloak of Invisibility – Turn invisible at will, perfect for stealth missions.
  4. Sphere of Annihilation – Destroys anything it touches; handle with care.
  5. Tome of Understanding – Permanently boosts your Wisdom score.
  6. Vorpal Sword – Decapitates enemies on a critical hit.
  7. Rod of Security – Creates a safe haven for you and your allies.
  8. Mirror of Life Trapping – Traps creatures in an extra-dimensional prison.
  9. Amulet of the Planes – Allows you to teleport across different planes.
  10. Deck of Many Things – Highly unpredictable but can grant immense power.
  11. Holy Avenger – Boosts your combat abilities and provides resistance to spells.
  12. Ring of Regeneration – Regains hit points over time.
  13. Boots of Speed – Double your movement speed.
  14. Ioun Stone (Mastery) – Grants proficiency in all saving throws.
  15. Mantle of Spell Resistance – Provides resistance to spell damage.
  16. Ring of Telekinesis – Move objects with your mind.
  17. Sword of Kas – Increases your combat prowess significantly.
  18. Rod of Lordly Might – Versatile and powerful in combat.
  19. Crown of Stars – Shoots star-like projectiles at enemies.
  20. Wand of Orcus – Grants numerous powerful abilities, though it’s quite dark.

Unarmed Magic Items for Monks

Monks excel in unarmed combat. These magic items will enhance their natural abilities.

  1. Bracers of Defense – Increase your AC while not wearing armor.
  2. Amulet of Mighty Fists – Enhances your unarmed strikes.
  3. Gloves of Soul Catching – Boost your unarmed strike damage and regain hit points.
  4. Monk’s Tattoo – Grants additional unarmed strike damage.
  5. Gauntlets of the Iron Fist – Increase your unarmed strike damage.
  6. Ring of the Ram – Adds force damage to your unarmed strikes.
  7. Belt of Giant Strength – Boosts your Strength significantly.
  8. Boots of the Winding Path – Teleport short distances after an unarmed strike.
  9. Fistwraps of Fury – Enhance the damage and effects of your unarmed strikes.
  10. Ki Focus – Increase the power of your Ki abilities.
  11. Headband of Intellect – Boosts your Intelligence, aiding strategic combat.
  12. Mantle of Unarmed Mastery – Enhances your unarmed combat skills.
  13. Bracers of the Mighty Strike – Boost your unarmed strike damage.
  14. Ring of Free Action – Move freely even in difficult terrain.
  15. Amulet of the Unyielding Spirit – Grants advantage on Wisdom saving throws.
  16. Boots of Striding and Springing – Increase your movement speed and jump distance.
  17. Tattoo of the Unyielding Fist – Grants additional effects to unarmed strikes.
  18. Gloves of the Unseen Hand – Adds invisibility effects to your unarmed strikes.
  19. Ring of the Iron Fist – Enhances your unarmed combat abilities.
  20. Belt of the Unarmed Master – Boosts your unarmed strike damage and combat skills.

Banned Magic Items Monks Can’t (or Won’t) Use

While Monks can utilize a wide array of magical items, some are simply too powerful or inappropriate for their unique skill set.

Here are some magic items typically banned for Monks:

  1. Deck of Many Things – Its unpredictable and often chaotic nature makes it too dangerous.
  2. Wand of Orcus – The dark powers and necromantic abilities of this wand conflict with the Monk’s spiritual discipline.
  3. Blackrazor – This sentient sword devours souls, which goes against the Monk’s moral and ethical principles.
  4. Eye and Hand of Vecna – These dark artifacts require sinister sacrifices, incompatible with a Monk’s path.
  5. Ring of Winter – Its immense destructive power and potential to cause widespread chaos make it unsuitable.
  6. The Sword of Kas – A weapon tied to treachery and dark ambitions, conflicting with a Monk’s ethos.
  7. Talisman of Ultimate Evil – Its inherently evil nature makes it completely inappropriate for Monks.
  8. Sword of Zariel – The fiery wrath and divine judgement associated with this sword are too extreme.
  9. Book of Vile Darkness – A tome filled with dark secrets and evil knowledge, which Monks avoid.
  10. Crown of the Void – Grants control over void creatures, potentially corrupting a Monk’s spirit.

Best Magic Items for Monks

Top-notch picks for the discerning Monk.

Magic ItemDescription
Staff of the MagiIncredible versatility and power.
Cloak of InvisibilityBecome unseen at will.
Ring of Three WishesGrant your deepest desires.
Sphere of AnnihilationDestroy anything in its path.
Tome of UnderstandingBoost your Wisdom.
Vorpal SwordA sword that decapitates on a critical hit.
Ring of RegenerationRegain hit points over time.
Rod of SecurityCreate a safe haven.
Mirror of Life TrappingCapture creatures in a mirror.
Portable HoleCreate an extra-dimensional space.
Best Magic Items for Monks: Chart

Here’s why each item made the list:

  1. Staff of the Magi – This item offers incredible versatility with a wide range of powerful spells and abilities. For a Monk, having access to such magical prowess can turn the tide of any battle and provide solutions to a myriad of challenges.
  2. Cloak of Invisibility – Stealth and surprise are key tactics for Monks. This cloak allows them to become invisible at will, making it perfect for infiltration missions, ambushes, and avoiding detection.
  3. Ring of Three Wishes – The sheer potential of three wishes can’t be overstated. This ring provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing a Monk to alter reality in ways that can grant them immense power, escape certain death, or achieve impossible feats.
  4. Sphere of Annihilation – A devastatingly powerful item that can destroy anything it touches. For a Monk, this provides a last-resort weapon against overwhelmingly powerful foes or obstacles.
  5. Tome of Understanding – Monks rely heavily on Wisdom for their abilities. This tome permanently increases their Wisdom score, making their skills and abilities even more potent.
  6. Vorpal Sword – Although Monks typically rely on unarmed strikes, having a weapon like the Vorpal Sword in their arsenal can be a game-changer. Its ability to decapitate enemies on a critical hit makes it one of the deadliest weapons available.
  7. Ring of Regeneration – Constantly regaining hit points over time, this ring enhances a Monk’s survivability, allowing them to stay in the fight longer and recover from wounds that would incapacitate others.
  8. Rod of Security – Creating a safe haven can be crucial for recuperation and planning. This rod allows Monks to ensure their party’s safety, providing a secure location free from threats.
  9. Mirror of Life Trapping – This item can trap creatures in an extra-dimensional prison, making it an excellent tool for dealing with powerful adversaries without direct confrontation.
  10. Portable Hole – Extra-dimensional storage is always useful. This item allows Monks to carry additional gear, treasure, or even allies, providing them with a versatile and practical tool.

For another take on the best magic times for monks, watch this popular video:

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Final Thoughts: Magic Items for Monks

Finding the right magic item for your Monk can enhance your gameplay in unexpected ways.

Whether you’re looking for something practical or just plain fun, there’s something on this list for every Monk out there.

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