How To Find DND Players (20 Best Ways Explained)

Are you a Dungeons and Dragons (DND) enthusiast looking to build an underground lair of followers?

Or maybe you just want to find someone to fill the empty seat at your table. If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to find DND players to start a group:

Find DND players by asking your friends, using the loose ties theory, going online, visiting a local gaming store, and using social media. You can also find DND players on forums, in the comment sections of DND-related content, and at gaming conventions.

This guide will teach you the best ways to find people for DND.

We’ll walk you through all the most helpful tips and tricks to help you assemble your party faster than a rogue disarming a trap.

20 Best Ways to Find DND Players

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I want this to be the most comprehensive guide in the world, so we’ll talk about some obvious ways and also lots of creative ways to find DND players.

By doing so, you’ll always have plenty of methods to find the perfect DND group for you.

Here are the 20 best ways to find DND players.

1) Find Closeted DND Players Hiding in Your Friend Group

One of the easiest methods for finding potential DND players is simply asking around within your existing friend group.

You may have friends who already play or who are curious about the game.

But they don’t feel comfortable talking about it openly due to the social stigma associated with role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Start by asking around discretely if anyone plays.

Chances are you’ll get at least one positive response. It also helps if you have a few friends who already play so that they can help spread the word and make others more comfortable joining in on an adventure.

If no one admits to playing, there are other less direct methods you can use as well.

For example, ask questions related to fantasy books or movies – even seemingly unrelated topics such as computer programming.

These interests often overlap with those of people interested in tabletop gaming like DND.

2) Take Advantage of Loose Tie Science

Research suggests that we can exponentially increase our success with networking by asking our close friends if they know anyone who plays DND.

Friends of friends are considered loose ties.

This means that even if your closest circle of friends does not play DND, they may know someone who does.

Loose ties often are the best source for new jobs, business contacts, and even DND groups.

3) Check With Your Local Gaming Store

Another place to find DND players is at your local gaming store.

Most gaming stores have bulletin boards where you can post ads or announcements for DND groups.

Also, many gaming stores host weekly meetings of DND players in their stores.

These are great opportunities to meet new people and find potential players who share your interests.

Finally, local gaming stores often sell books and other supplies related to DND.

It’s always a good idea to get some of these supplies and start learning the game before you look for players.

Check out my list of recommended DND supplies and gear a the end of this article.

4) Find DND Players Online

You can find DND players online in forums like Reddit, Quora, or DND Beyond.

These forums are great for finding players or DMs who are looking for a new group.

Also, many of these forums have subreddits dedicated to DND. You can post ads looking for players and often get responses from people all over the world.

Be sure to read the rules on each forum before you post your ad, as some may have restrictions on what kind of content is allowed.

5) Pay for a Group

Some gaming communities offer services that allow you to pay for a group of DND players and DMs.

These services are often more expensive than finding your own group, but they provide the convenience of having everything organized for you.

You can also find a DM service online that will provide you with a qualified Dungeon Master.

The downside to this option is that it can be expensive and it may not always be the best fit for your particular needs.

6) Use the Twitter Method

Twitter is a great place to find people for your DND group.

You can post a tweet looking for players or DMs and use hashtags like #dndgroup, #DnDPlayers, or even  the game system you’re using such as, “Dungeons & Dragons 5e”.

You can follow accounts that post DND content.

Another possibility is to read Twitter threads, reply to DND-related tweets, and DM your connections to see if they might be interested in playing.

7) Join DND-related Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another source of players.

There are many DND-related Facebook groups that can help you find people who share your interests.

These groups usually have rules about posting ads and announcements.

Be sure to read them before making any posts.

From my experience with Facebook groups, I suggest that you:

  • Study and follow all of the rules (so you don’t get kicked out)
  • Comment and interact with other member’s posts
  • Add value to the group before asking for anything
  • Wait at least a week or two before asking for DND players

8) Go to the Comment Section

You can also find DND players in the comment section of a blog post or YouTube video about DND.

This works because you know that the person in the comment section has an interest in DND.

Simply post a comment asking if they would like to join your group or if they know anyone else who might be interested.

Give them a p private way to contact you.

You don’t want to make your private info public. That’s risky.

Once you are on a private platform, be sure to include information about when and where your game will be.

9) Become a Dungeon Master

You could also learn how to be a Dungeon Master (DM).

Not only will you get to play in your own game, but you will also be able to attract other players who are looking for a new group.

Being a DM is not easy, so it’s important that you do your research and learn the rules of the game before hosting your first game.

Again, the resources at the end of this guide will help.

Once you know how to DM, you can offer to start a game at your local gaming store, recruit local players, or start an online game.

10) Put Out an Ad on Craigslist (But Be Careful)

If you’re a risk-taker, you can place a free ad on Craigslist.

The advantage is that your ad can reach a wide audience.

The downside is that you don’t know who will respond, so it’s important to take safety precautions.

Never give out any personal information until you are sure the person is who they say they are.

Never meet with anyone alone.

Always call first, then meet in a very public place. You might be able to run your first few games at a public place just to make sure everything feels comfortable for everyone.

11) Join MeetUp

I joined Meetup a few years ago to meet new people.

It’s a freaking awesome app where you can find different groups based on your interests.

Just type in “Dungeons & Dragons” and you’ll see any local DND Meetup groups that are looking for players or Dungeon Masters.

The best part is that many of these events take place in public places.

Places like libraries, cafes, bars, and game stores.

Even if there are no DND groups, you’ll probably find a board game group. Go to that group, make friends, and see who might like to play DND.

12) Join Discord

Discord is a free voice and text chat app that makes it incredibly easy for people to communicate.

You can join DND-related servers and find players or DMs.

The advantage of using Discord is that you can get to know the people on the server before playing with them.

Some people use Discord as their main way to find DND players.

13) Find Players on DND Sites Like Roll20

If you’re looking for players who are serious about DND, then check out sites like Roll20.

Roll20 is an online platform that allows users to play tabletop role-playing games (such as D&D) with other players from all over the world.

You can use their search feature to find people who are looking for a game or a group.

The site also comes with pre-made characters and campaigns so it’s easy to get started quickly.

14) Attend Gaming Events

If there are gaming events near you, this could be a great way to meet other gamers who are interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons.

These events usually feature:

  • Tournaments
  • Demonstrations
  • Merchandise sales
  • Cosplay contests

It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends while having fun.

15) Renew Your Library Card

You might find out that your local library hosts regular DND groups.

So, if you don’t have one already, go to your library and get a card.

It costs nothing, and it’s a great way to find DND events near you.

You can even ask the librarians at the front desk if they know of any upcoming gaming events.

16) Write a Medium Article

You can write articles on Medium (a blogging platform) about DND.

Then you can watch who reads and who comments on your articles. Those will likely be people interested in roleplaying.

Then, you reply to their comments.

You can say, “Hey, do you want to form a DND group? I’m looking for players.”

You can also use this method to find Dungeon Masters.

17) Use Next Door To Find DND Players Nearby

If you’re looking for your “tribe” of dice-chuckers and story-weavers, look no further than Nextdoor.

This revolutionary website connects locals seeking to build relationships, seek help, and find opportunities.

You just pop in, add a few details like where you live, and start searching right away.

Once you’re connected with folks near you, post in the discussion list seeking players who might be interested in putting together a Dungeons & Dragons group.

18) Comic Book Stores

Comics shops are important hubs for “geek” culture, meaning many other DND players also find their way in.

Sure, it’s intimidating at first – but luck favors the bold adventurers.

That’s why it pays off to talk to people in the shop and ask if anyone knows any groups you can join (there’s usually someone who does).

19) Chess Clubs

When on the hunt for DND players at a chess club, don’t be surprised when you find that not every brain in there is interested in dragons and magic.

However, these folks are still tabletop gamers.

If you can get them to broaden their horizons and take a look at what DND has to offer, you just may have some success.

Many players of Dungeons & Dragons tend to be creative individuals.

Therefore, it’s worth looking out for anyone who enjoys group activities, roleplaying, trying different characters or shows any other interest that might lend itself well to our beloved hobby.

Besides chessclubs, try checking out local theater troupes.

DND relies heavily on roleplaying. We have a good article over here about Is DND Roleplaying?

20) Go to the Movies

Looking for DND players at the movies? Simple, but effective.

Before walking into a movie with DND themes of fantasy, magic and adventure, bring your bold-face and witty banter.

Once you’ve settled into the seat, start scanning the crowd.

After the film has concluded, get out of there before the credits end, lest you miss your chance. Strike up a conversation with other viewers and ask them what they thought of it.

The moment they’re looking profoundly touched by adventure is when to bring up that you play DND on the side.

If they react positively to this news then boom: you just might have found yourself a player.

Ask if they want to join in and exchange contact details so you can set up your game memorable session.

Here is a great video about finding players for DND:

YouTube video by the DM Lair – How To find DND Players

How To Find DND Groups for Beginners

You can use any of the methods explained in this article.

However, your best bet is to start by checking out your pals – does any of them secretly harbor a penchant for rolling dungeoneering dice and conjuring mystical spells?

If so, you know who to turn to.

But don’t forget about your local game store or forums online.

Just make sure that you mention that you’re a beginner. There’s nothing worse than having your pride taken down a notch (or two) because you don’t know the difference between an elder brain and a mimic.

Final Thoughts: How To Find DND Players

There’s nothing quite like sharing tales of old over pizza and soda with some good friends.

Not only are you building a team to take on those rascally dragons but making lifelong connections through gaming.

To get started with DND with your new players, here is the gear I recommend:

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