DND Jewelers Kit (Stats, Mechanics, & Ultimate Guide)

Dive deep into the intricate world of gems and metals with our comprehensive guide to the Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Jewelers Kit.

We’ll cover the stats, use cases, and mechanics of this essential tool.

DND Jewelers Kit Stat Block

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Jewelers Kit StatsDetails
Item TypeTool
Weight2 lb
Cost25 gp
Available ProfessionsArtisan, Sorcerer, Bard, Wizard
DND Jewelers Kit Stat Block – Source: D&D Player’s Handbook

What Is a DND Jewelers Kit?

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A DND Jewelers Kit is an artisan’s tool, a special equipment used by characters to craft, modify, and appraise precious stones and metals.

With it, you can create beautiful jewelry or appraise found gemstones and precious metals.

A Jewelers Kit opens a multitude of creative opportunities.

Whether it’s crafting a sentimental piece for a loved one or infusing magic into a gem to create a potent arcane focus.

Beyond its obvious uses, a Jewelers Kit also serves as a medium for character development.

It introduces a unique skill set that can become a defining characteristic of your character.

From a rogue with an affinity for shiny objects to a wizard who channels magic through gems, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Types of DND Jewelers Kit

There is technically only one type of Jewelers Kit mentioned in the DND rules.

However, the kit’s utilization is vast and can be specialized based on your character’s interests and skills.

Some might focus on creating intricate pieces of jewelry.

You can craft beautiful necklaces, rings, and bracelets from precious metals and gems.

This requires detailed work and a delicate touch.

On the other hand, some might specialize in the appraisal and valuation of gemstones and metals.

These characters have a keen eye for detail and a profound knowledge of precious materials.

They can identify the origin, value, and quality of gems and metals.

Believe it or not, this can make a major difference during a campaign.

What Is Included in a Standard Jewelers Kit?

The standard DND Jewelers Kit comes with everything an adventurer needs to begin their journey into the world of precious materials.

It includes:

  • Small file
  • Set of pliers
  • Tiny saw
  • Hammer
  • Small anvil
  • Jeweler’s tweezers
  • Jeweler’s loupe

A jeweler’s loupe is a special magnifying glass used for examining gems.

These tools can serve various purposes.

For example, the file is used to smooth the edges of a metal, while the pliers are used to handle small pieces and bend metals.

The jeweler’s loupe is crucial for examining and identifying gems.

Not to mention inspecting the quality of your craftsmanship.

Here is a video that shows some of these tools and what they might do:

YouTube Video by Jewel School – DND Jewelers Kit

Who Can Use a DND Jewelers Kit?

Anyone can technically use a Jewelers Kit.

However, characters with proficiency in the kit will see the most benefits.

If you know how to use this kit well (proficiency) , you can add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make while crafting or appraising jewelry, gemstones, or precious metals.

Characters inclined to gain proficiency in a Jewelers Kit include:

  • Artisans
  • Sorcerers
  • Bards
  • Wizards

Anyone with a backstory or interest that ties into gems or metals could choose to become proficient.

For instance, a character with a background as a gem merchant or a metalworker.

Jewelers Kit: Rules and Mechanics

D&D doesn’t explicitly define the mechanics of using a Jewelers Kit.

Therefore, interpretation often falls to individual DMs. A common approach involves considering the time, material cost, and the type of checks required.

Crafting jewelry could take anywhere from several hours to a few days.

It really depends on the complexity and quality of the piece.

Similarly, the cost of materials would depend on the type and rarity of gemstones or precious metals.

Now let’s turn to gameplay mechanics.

If your character knows how to use the tool well, you can add an extra bonus to these rolls.

If your character is proficient, you can add your proficiency bonus to these checks.

A DM may also allow a player to use the kit with other checks.

For example, a Dexterity check might be made to cut a gemstone with precision or a Charisma check to negotiate prices when selling jewelry.

Gaining Proficiency with the Jewelers Kit

Proficiency with a Jewelers Kit allows a character to add their proficiency bonus to checks made using the tool, increasing their chances of success in crafting or appraising jewelry.

Proficiency can be gained in a few ways.

Some character backgrounds like the Guild Artisan grant you skill at using a specific type of craftsperson’s equipment, which could be a Jewelers Kit.

Certain class features may also provide this proficiency.

Another way to gain proficiency is through downtime activities.

D&D provides rules for training during downtime (DMG p. 231), and with your DM’s approval, your character could spend downtime to gain proficiency with the Jewelers Kit.

This typically involves:

  • Find a teacher who is already proficient with a Jewelers Kit
  • Spends a certain amount of time (and possibly gold) to learn the skill

Jewelers Kit in Different Settings

How a Jewelers Kit is used can greatly depend on the setting of your D&D campaign.

In high magic settings like Eberron, a Jewelers Kit could be used to craft intricate housings for magical schemas or dragonshards.

In a low magic world like Dark Sun, precious metals and gemstones might be rarer.

A Jewelers Kit could primarily be used to craft intricate bone or stone trinkets.

In a setting like Wildemount, Dunamancy and special Dunamis-infused gemstones might come into play.

Here, your Jewelers Kit could be used to work with these unique materials.

In the Forgotten Realms, the cultural significance of certain gemstones or jewelry pieces to various races and societies could add more roleplaying opportunities when crafting or appraising items.

Each D&D setting is rich with its unique lore, cultures, and resources.

Talk to your DM about how you can best incorporate your Jewelers Kit into their world to add depth to your character’s interactions with their environment.

10 Creative Ways Players Can Use a DND Jewelers Kit

  1. Craft Unique Jewelry: Create personal trinkets for your party members or sentimental gifts for NPCs to build stronger relationships.
  2. Appraise Found Treasure: Identify the real value of found gemstones and precious metals, avoiding fakes and recognizing valuable loot.
  3. Forgery: Craft imitations of important gemstones or jewelry, which can be useful in heists or deceptive situations.
  4. Create Arcane Foci: Infuse gemstones with magic to create unique arcane foci.
  5. Trade: Create jewelry for trade, helping the party earn money in towns or cities.
  6. Gifts to Influence NPCs: A well-crafted piece of jewelry could influence an NPC’s opinion or attitude towards the party.
  7. Heirlooms: Craft a family heirloom, adding depth to your character’s backstory.
  8. Trap Setting: A shiny, precious-looking piece of jewelry can be used as bait in a trap.
  9. Enhance Armor or Weapons: Inlay gems or precious metals into your armor or weapons, adding personal touches or possibly increasing their value.
  10. Leave Messages: Craft small jewelry pieces with symbol codes for party members or allies, acting as a means of secret communication.

Example of the DND Jewelers Kit in Gameplay

Our party’s rogue, Lilly, had recently taken up a fascination with gems and jewelry.

She decided to purchase a Jewelers Kit.

One day, we stumbled upon a treasure chest full of various gems and metals.

Most of the party was ready to divide up the loot evenly, but Lilly wanted to appraise the treasure first.

After a successful Intelligence check using her Jewelers Kit, she revealed that the green gems were indeed precious emeralds, but the shiny gold pieces were just fool’s gold.

Her skills helped us make a more informed decision about the treasure distribution.

Fast forward to a town where we were trying to gather information about a local thieves’ guild.

Lilly decided to use her Jewelers Kit to craft a beautiful emerald pendant, which she gifted to the local innkeeper.

Touched by the thoughtful gift, the innkeeper spilled valuable information.

Information that led us straight to the guild’s hideout. Ultimately, the Jewelers Kit turned out to be an unexpected asset for our adventures.

50 DM Ideas for DND Jewelers Kit

Here are 50 ways that DMs can use a DND Jewelers kit in an adventure or campaign:

  1. A local noble wants a custom piece made for a masquerade ball.
  2. A gemstone from an ancient royal crown needs to be reproduced.
  3. The local thieves guild needs someone to verify the authenticity of a recently “acquired” gem.
  4. The party finds a hoard of uncut gemstones and needs to cut and polish them.
  5. An enchanted gemstone that serves as an arcane focus has been shattered and needs to be repaired.
  6. The local blacksmith wants to start inlaying gems into his works but needs someone to teach him.
  7. A mysterious gem appears in the market, supposedly from a long-lost civilization.
  8. The cleric’s holy symbol needs to be refashioned due to damage.
  9. An old treasure map hidden within a gemstone needs to be carefully extracted.
  10. A broken amulet found on a defeated enemy hints at a larger secret society.
  11. A poor couple about to marry cannot afford wedding rings and need some help.
  12. A legendary gemstone is said to hold a trapped deity.
  13. A seemingly worthless stone found in the forest glimmers with faint, arcane energy.
  14. A nobility signet ring has been stolen, and the party must craft a convincing duplicate to prevent a scandal.
  15. A gemstone needs to be carefully implanted into a golem’s forehead to reactivate it.
  16. The characters find a gem that’s actually a petrified creature.
  17. A local mine is rumored to have struck a vein of incredibly rare and precious gems.
  18. A spirit haunts a locket and needs to be released.
  19. A dragon requires a new centerpiece for its hoard.
  20. A collection of jewelry has been cursed, causing wearers to become overwhelmed with greed.
  21. A gemstone acts as a key to an ancient vault.
  22. A prophecy foretells of a hero who crafts a crown of pure starlight.
  23. A broken family heirloom needs to be mended to restore a family’s honor.
  24. An archmagi seeks a magical gem able to hold vast amounts of magic for a spell.
  25. A piece of jewelry is the last piece of evidence in a murder mystery.
  26. A pendant is found with a hidden compartment containing a cryptic message.
  27. An expensive jewel is rumored to be in the belly of a dangerous beast.
  28. A magic crystal that powers a city’s defensive system needs repair.
  29. An infamous bandit’s distinguishing feature is a unique piece of jewelry they wear.
  30. The party discovers a set of jewelry that grants wishes when assembled.
  31. A dying blacksmith wishes to pass on his techniques of gem inlay to a worthy apprentice.
  32. The party is hired to create counterfeit royal jewels for a planned heist.
  33. A local guild has a dispute over the quality of a gem and seeks neutral appraisal.
  34. A festival competition for the best piece of jewelry is announced.
  35. A legendary sword must be reforged with a gem at its hilt.
  36. An NPC asks the party to deliver an engagement ring to their lover without revealing the sender.
  37. A ghost refuses to pass on until their lost jewelry is returned.
  38. A princess requests a unique piece of jewelry that can double as a weapon for her protection.
  39. A rare piece of jewelry is found that is an exact map of the local labyrinth.
  40. A jeweled amulet that can open a portal to a different plane of existence is discovered.
  41. The royal family’s crown jewels are actually powerful artifacts in disguise.
  42. A king wishes to honor a hero with a specially crafted medal.
  43. A demon’s true name is inscribed on an ancient gemstone.
  44. A fabled necklace is said to allow the wearer to speak with animals.
  45. A gemstone that has fallen from the heavens reveals a prophecy.
  46. A set of earrings allows two people to communicate telepathically.
  47. A pendant that wards against undead is needed by a local priest.
  48. An NPC’s lost brooch turns out to be a family heirloom that hides a treasure map.
  49. A sculpture adorned with precious gems is believed to hide a secret compartment.
  50. A mysterious character in a tavern offers a game of chance, with a gem-filled tiara as the grand prize.

Final Thoughts: DND Jewelers Kit

It is these small, unassuming items in DND that make the game so creative and fun.

Check out our guides to other DND items, weapons, and shops before you go.

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