DND Astral Dreadnought [Stats, Mechanics, Ultimate Guide]

The Astral Dreadnought, a titan of Dungeons & Dragons (DND), embodies the awe and terror that the vast multiverse can conjure.

This ultimate guide explores every aspect of the DND Astral Dreadnought, from its imposing stats to its rich lore, providing Dungeon Masters (DMs) and players alike with everything you need to bring this formidable foe to life in your campaigns.

Astral Dreadnought Stats Overview

Here’s a simple chart to give you a quick glance at the Astral Dreadnought’s formidable stats:

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AlignmentChaotic Neutral/Unaligned
Armor Class (AC)19 or 20
Hit Points297 (25d12+125)
AttacksBite, Claw
DamageBite (4d12+7), Claw (2d10+7)
LanguageUnderstands Deep Speech but can’t speak
Speed15-20 ft., fly 80 ft. (astral plane only)
DND Astral Dreadnought Stats: Source (DND Manual of the Planes)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Astral Dreadnought’s alignment of Chaotic Neutral reflects its nature as a guardian of the Astral Plane, acting out of instinct rather than malice or benevolence.

It embodies chaos, operating outside the moral dichotomy of good and evil.

This alignment suggests that the Dreadnought is unpredictable, making decisions based on its perceptions of threats to the Astral Plane rather than any moral compass.

Its neutrality indicates that it doesn’t favor any side.

But will fiercely attack anything it perceives as a threat to its domain or its duties.

Armor Class (AC): 19

With an Armor Class of 19, the Astral Dreadnought boasts formidable defenses, making it a challenging opponent for even the most seasoned adventurers.

This high AC reflects its thick, almost impervious hide, capable of withstanding a barrage of attacks.

Players will need to strategize and utilize their most potent abilities and magic to win.

Hit Points: 297 (25d12+125)

The sheer volume of hit points possessed by a DND Astral Dreadnought underscores its status as a juggernaut of the Astral Plane.

With 297 hit points, it can endure an extended onslaught.

It will require players to sustain a long and arduous battle to overcome it.

Size: Gargantuan

As a Gargantuan creature, the Astral Dreadnought’s immense size is one of its most striking features.

The creature is roughly 20-30 feet tall.

Its towering form can dominate battlefields, offering both a psychological and tactical advantage.

The implications of its size extend beyond mere physical presence.

It can easily disrupt positioning, control the flow of combat, and unleash devastating area-of-effect attacks that lesser foes would find impossible to execute.

What Is a DND Astral Dreadnought? (Explained)

The Astral Dreadnought is a behemoth designed to guard the realms of the Astral Plane.

It’s life mission?

Prevent unworthy travelers from looting the secrets and treasures hidden within its starry expanse.

Its gargantuan size and fearsome capabilities acts as a natural barrier against the curious and the greedy.

History & Lore

Born from the imagination of the cosmos, the DND Astral Dreadnought’s origins are shrouded in mystery.

Ancient texts and sage lore suggest that these creatures were created by deities or powerful cosmic entities to serve as guardians of the Astral Plane.

They are tasked with maintaining the balance and order of the multiverse by any means necessary.


The Astral Plane, a realm of thought, dream, and possibility, serves as the perfect home for these titans.

The Dreadnought roams this timeless space, a void filled with floating islands of debris and the remnants of failed magical experiments, ever vigilant for intruders.

Types of Astral Dreadnoughts

There are rumored to be several types of Astral Dreadnoughts, each adapted to their specific roles within the Astral Plane:

  1. Guardian Dreadnought – Protectors of ancient astral ruins and celestial vaults.
  2. Hunter Dreadnought – Seek out and destroy threats to the Astral Plane’s stability.
  3. Sentinel Dreadnought – Stand watch over gateways and portals, preventing unauthorized access.
  4. Harbinger Dreadnought – Foretell significant cosmic events and guard secrets of the universe.
  5. Elder Dreadnought – Ancient and powerful, these Dreadnoughts are said to possess wisdom and abilities far beyond their kin.

Each type brings a unique aspect to the cosmic ballet of the multiverse, embodying the diverse and dynamic roles required to maintain the equilibrium of existence.

What Do They Look Like?

DND Astral Dreadnought in the starry Astral Plane with antimagic cone
I made this image with AI – DND Astral Dreadnought

Imagine a creature so vast that it dwarfs even the largest of dragons.

You actually don’t have to imagine because the image right above this section shows an amazing picture.

I can say that because AI made it (albeit with simple prompts from me).

An Astral Dreadnought has a massive, humanoid upper body, complete with two hulking arms ending in vicious claws.

Its lower half is serpentine, allowing it to navigate the astral currents with ease.

Its head is a terrifying visage of destruction, with a single, cyclopean eye that can stop magic in its tracks.

The creature’s skin is a tapestry of cosmic hues, reflecting the nebulous colors of the Astral Plane itself.

Combat Tactics

In battle, the Astral Dreadnought is a force to be reckoned with for any player group.

It uses its massive size and strength to overpower foes.

While its innate magic resistance and the antimagic cone emitted from its central eye make it nearly invulnerable to spell-based attacks.

It prefers to engage its enemies up close, tearing them apart with its powerful claws and bite.

However, it is also intelligent enough to use the terrain of the Astral Plane to its advantage.

The dreadnaught will ambush unwary travelers or using astral debris as weapons.


The Astral Dreadnought’s Multiattack feature allows it to unleash multiple attacks in a single turn, demonstrating its overwhelming combat prowess.

Typically, this involves a combination of its bite and two claw attacks.

The creature can target multiple opponents or focus its fury on a single, unfortunate target.

The Dreadnought remains a constant, pressing threat to the entire adventuring party, demanding strategic positioning, and careful management of resources to mitigate its offensive onslaught.

Legendary Actions

The Astral Dreadnought possesses several Legendary Actions.

Meaning, it can and will take actions outside of its turn.

These legendary actions include:

  • Donjon Visit: This action teleports a target into a demiplane prison within the Dreadnought’s body, effectively removing them from the battle until they can find a way to escape. It’s a powerful control tool, capable of temporarily neutralizing key players in the adventuring party, forcing them to deal with not just a combat challenge, but a puzzle under duress.
  • Psychic Projection: The Dreadnought can project a wave of psychic energy, dealing substantial psychic damage and potentially imposing debilitating conditions on its foes. This action highlights the creature’s ability to dominate the battlefield not only through physical might but through mental assaults, challenging players to protect both their bodies and minds.

Other Powers

In addition, the Astral Dreadnought boasts several other powers that contribute to its fearsomeness:

  • Antimagic Cone: Emitted from its single, central eye, the Antimagic Cone nullifies magic in a wide arc in front of the Dreadnought. Spells cannot be cast into or out from the area, and active magical effects are suppressed. This power can dramatically shift the tide of battle, especially against parties reliant on magic, forcing them to adapt to a purely physical confrontation or find creative workarounds.
  • Astral Entity: As a creature native to the Astral Plane, the Dreadnought has innate abilities that make it perfectly suited to its environment. It can move through the Astral Plane with ease, ignoring many of the plane’s peculiarities that might hinder other beings. This trait allows it to ambush, pursue, or retreat with unmatched proficiency, making it a relentless hunter in its native realm.
  • Legendary Resistance: The Astral Dreadnought’s Legendary Resistance allows it to shrug off effects that would otherwise alter its course of action, ensuring that it remains a constant threat. A limited number of times per day, if it fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead. This power guarantees that the Dreadnought cannot be easily neutralized by a single lucky spell or effect.

Here’s a great video about the DND Astral Dreadnought that you should watch:

YouTube Video by Game Masters – DND Astral Dreadnought

What Book Is the Astral Dreadnought In?

The Astral Dreadnought can be found in the Official DND Manual of the Planes.

This tome provides not only the stats and mechanics for this formidable creature but also offers insights into its lore and role within the Astral Plane.

You can also find information about the DND Astral Dreadnought in:

  • Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
  • D&D Icons Of The Realms: Spelljammer Adventures In Space

How to Run an Encounter With a DND Astral Dreadnought

Here’s a guide on how to craft an unforgettable experience:

1. Set the Stage

Begin by establishing the setting.

Astral Dreadnought encounters typically happen in the Astral Plane, a realm of thought and memory, where the laws of physics and time often don’t apply.

Describe the surreal, star-filled landscape and the floating islands of debris.

The appearance of the Dreadnought should be a moment of awe and fear, emphasizing its colossal size and otherworldly nature.

2. Understand the Creature

Before the encounter, make sure you fully understand the capabilities of the DND Astral Dreadnought.

Consider how these abilities can be used not just for combat.

But to create interesting tactical situations and role-playing opportunities.

3. Highlight Its Intelligence

Astral Dreadnoughts possess a deep, if alien, intelligence.

They guard the Astral Plane against intrusion, which can add a layer of complexity to encounters.

Maybe the Dreadnought challenges the party with riddles or tests, or perhaps it seeks to negotiate with them to remove a greater threat to its realm.

4. Use the Environment

The Astral Plane’s unique properties can play a significant role in the encounter.

Characters might find themselves floating or suddenly falling through space.

Debris and astral entities can serve as both obstacles and aids in the battle.

Consider how the Dreadnought’s abilities interact with the environment, such as using its Antimagic Cone to disable magical items or spells that allow the party to navigate the plane.

5. Scale the Encounter

You should scale the encounter to suit your party’s level and abilities.

This doesn’t mean weakening the Dreadnought but rather finding creative ways for the party to engage with it.

Perhaps they must first disable a magical artifact that strengthens it or seek the aid of astral allies.

6. Offer Multiple Outcomes

Not every encounter with a DND Astral Dreadnought needs to end in combat or the party’s victory.

The creature might retreat if it deems the party not a threat to its realm, or it could capture them, leading to an escape scenario from within its donjon demiplane.

Alternatively, satisfying the Dreadnought’s challenge or quest could earn its respect or even a boon.

7. Focus on the Experience

The encounter with an Astral Dreadnought should feel epic and memorable.

Focus on building tension and excitement, using vivid descriptions and emphasizing the scale of the encounter.

The goal is to leave your players in awe of the encounter.

That’s true whether they triumph, negotiate a truce, or barely escape with their lives.

8. Prepare for the Aftermath

Don’t overlook the consequences of the encounter.

Surviving a meeting with an Astral Dreadnought could have significant repercussions in the Astral Plane and beyond.

Perhaps the party earns the enmity or gratitude of powerful cosmic entities.

Or they gain unique insights into the nature of the multiverse.

9. Encourage Creativity

Finally, encourage your players to think creatively.

Facing such a powerful foe head-on might not always be the best strategy.

The unique nature of the Astral Plane and the Dreadnought itself can inspire inventive solutions to the challenges they present.

Speaking of creativity, the next section shares some cool ideas for clever DMs.

50 Astral Dreadnought Ideas for DMs

Consider these creative ideas for using DND Astral Dreadnoughts in your campaigns:

  1. An astral race – Players must outrun or outwit a Dreadnought to win an interdimensional race for a priceless artifact.
  2. A dream invasion – A Dreadnought invades a powerful mage’s dreams, and players must enter the dreamscape to save them.
  3. A cosmic trial – Players are put on trial by a council of Dreadnoughts for a cosmic crime they didn’t commit.
  4. A Dreadnought’s curse – A cursed item calls forth a Dreadnought, forcing players to break the curse before it’s too late.
  5. An astral plague – A disease affecting the Astral Plane is traced back to a sick Dreadnought, needing players to find a cure.
  6. A dimensional rift – A Dreadnought tears through the fabric of reality, bringing astral chaos to the material world.
  7. A cosmic alliance – Players must ally with a Dreadnought to fend off an even greater extraplanar threat.
  8. A Dreadnought’s maze – Players are trapped in a labyrinthine demiplane within a Dreadnought, seeking escape.
  9. A stolen memory – A Dreadnought steals an important memory from each player, starting a quest to retrieve them.
  10. An astral heist – Players must steal an artifact directly from the hoard of a slumbering Dreadnought.
  11. A Dreadnought’s champion – Players are chosen by a Dreadnought to represent it in a cosmic contest.
  12. A shattered realm – The death of a Dreadnought destabilizes the Astral Plane, and players must restore balance.
  13. A forbidden romance – A love story between a mortal and a being created by a Dreadnought, leading to cosmic complications.
  14. A Dreadnought’s trial – Players must navigate a series of challenges designed by a Dreadnought to test their worth.
  15. Astral archaeology – An excavation on the Astral Plane awakens a dormant Dreadnought, uncovering ancient secrets.
  16. A cosmic confluence – A rare alignment of planes enhances a Dreadnought’s power, threatening widespread planar upheaval.
  17. A Dreadnought’s apprentice – A player is chosen by a Dreadnought for tutelage, granting unique powers and dangerous attention.
  18. An astral rebellion – Players are caught in a conflict between Dreadnoughts, choosing sides or forging peace.
  19. A Dreadnought’s prophecy – Players must fulfill a prophecy involving a Dreadnought to prevent a cosmic disaster.
  20. A planar puzzle – Solving an ancient puzzle requires pieces guarded by different Dreadnoughts across the planes.
  21. Astral bounty hunters – Players are hunted by a Dreadnought for a bounty placed by a cosmic entity.
  22. A Dreadnought’s game – Trapped in a game or contest orchestrated by a Dreadnought, with the planes as its board.
  23. A cosmic symphony – A Dreadnought seeks to create a perfect musical harmony that can alter reality, needing players’ help or hindrance.
  24. An astral paradox – Players encounter a younger version of a Dreadnought and must ensure its survival to preserve the timeline.
  25. A Dreadnought’s riddle – Solving a riddle posed by a Dreadnought reveals the location of a hidden astral treasure.
  26. A planar detective story – Investigating a cosmic mystery at the behest of a Dreadnought, uncovering interplanar intrigue.
  27. A Dreadnought’s debt – A Dreadnought owes a player a favor, leading to complex negotiations in the astral courts.
  28. A cosmic forge – Players seek a Dreadnought guarding the entrance to a forge where reality itself can be reshaped.
  29. An astral festival – A festival celebrating a truce with a Dreadnought becomes the backdrop for an assassination attempt.
  30. A Dreadnought’s judgment – Players are judged by a Dreadnought for their actions across campaigns, with cosmic consequences.
  31. Astral survival game – Players are left on a deserted chunk of the Astral Plane by a Dreadnought, with limited resources.
  32. A Dreadnought’s herald – A player becomes the chosen herald of a Dreadnought, spreading its will across the planes.
  33. A planar scavenger hunt – A Dreadnought sends players on a scavenger hunt with the multiverse as its playground.
  34. A cosmic library – A Dreadnought guards the entrance to a library containing all knowledge of the multiverse.
  35. An astral oasis – Players discover a peaceful realm within a Dreadnought’s territory, sparking a quest to protect it from cosmic threats.
  36. A Dreadnought’s challenge – To gain a Dreadnought’s respect, players must best it in a challenge of strength, wit, or will.
  37. Astral anomalies – Players investigate strange occurrences on the Astral Plane, leading to a rogue Dreadnought altering reality.
  38. A cosmic collector – A Dreadnought collects unique beings and artifacts; players must rescue a captured ally or treasured item.
  39. A planar blockade – A Dreadnought blockades a critical astral conduit, and players must negotiate or break the blockade to restore planar travel.
  40. A Dreadnought’s memory – Players enter the memory of a Dreadnought to uncover ancient knowledge lost to time.
  41. An astral mirage – A Dreadnought creates illusions that lead players on a wild chase across the Astral Plane, testing their resolve and perception.
  42. A cosmic beacon – Players must activate ancient beacons to summon a Dreadnought, initiating a pivotal event in the astral prophecy.
  43. A Dreadnought’s oath – Bound by an ancient oath, a Dreadnought seeks players’ help to fulfill a cosmic duty without violating its constraints.
  44. Astral negotiations – Players act as diplomats in a conflict between a Dreadnought and another powerful astral entity, balancing demands to prevent war.
  45. A cosmic awakening – The reawakening of a long-dormant Dreadnought heralds a new era in the Astral Plane, with players at the heart of the unfolding drama.

Final Thoughts: DND Astral Dreadnought

As we step back from the edge of the cosmic unknown, the DND Astral Dreadnought remains, a sentinel in the silence of space.

May your adventures be bold, and your encounters with such titans, legendary.

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