450+ D&D Forest Maps [Free & Paid]

I’ve been creating and using forest maps in Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years.

In this article, you’ll find one of the largest collections of D&D Forest Maps anywhere online. These 450+ D&D maps include all-weather forest maps, night forest battle maps, and forest scenes for every campaign need.

What Is a D&D Forest Map?

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D&D Forest Map at Night
Image by the author via Canva—D&D Forest Map

In Dungeons & Dragons, a forest map is a visual tool used to represent the terrain players will explore.

Forest maps are usually made up of hexagons, which can be used to represent trees, bushes, and other obstructions. In addition, forest maps sometimes include elevations and other features that can make the terrain more challenging to traverse.

Forest maps can be used for a variety of purposes, including general exploration, combat, and role-playing.

For example, a party of adventurers might use a forest map to plan their route through the wilderness or to track the progress of an enemy army.

In combat, forest maps can be used to:

  • Represent the lay of the land
  • Determine the line of sight
  • Identify cover

Finally, forest maps can also be used to create a sense of immersion in the game world.

Whether you’re planning an expedition into the wilds or engaging in a fierce battle, a forest map can be a valuable tool.

5 Free D&D Forest Maps

To kick off this massive collection of forest maps, here are five free maps that you can use for D&D.

Simply right-click, save, and print them.

I just ask that you don’t use the maps for any commercial purpose and that you credit this site as the creator.

By the way, many of the other maps in this article are also free.

Enjoy these first five D&D forest maps:

D&D Forest Map Collections

Here is the main collection of hundreds of D&D Forest Maps.

To make browsing this collection easier, I’ve broken up the maps into separate tables by map type.

D&D Forest Battle Maps

Forest battle maps are also called D&D forest encounter maps.

Use these maps to plan and visualize epic encounters in your next adventure.

D&D Forest Battle MapsLinks
Forest Battle Map 1 (Pond)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 2 (Night)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 3 (River)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 4 (Mountain)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 5 (Mountain + River)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 6 (Forest + River)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 7 (Clearing)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 8 (Country Cottage)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 9 (Split Path)Link to Map
Forest Battle Map 10 (Forest Shrine)Link to Map
DND Forest Battle Maps

D&D Snowy Forest Map

Winter is the perfect time to run a snowy forest adventure in Dungeons & Dragons.

The crisp air, the sparkling snow, and the silence of the woods create a magical atmosphere that is perfect for exploring. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas for how to bring the beauty of the winter season to your game.

D&D Snowy Forest MapLinks
Snowy Forest Map 1 (River)Link to Map
Snowy Forest Map 2 (Bridge)Link to Map
Snowy Forest Map 3 (Trail)Link to Map
Snowy Forest Map 4 (Path)Link to Map
Snowy Forest Map 5 (Arctic Encounters)Link to Map

D&D Forest Map No Grid

This section includes forest maps without gridlines.

Gridlines are cool but they can take away from the aesthetics of a map.

Here are a few good forest maps sans gridlines:

D&D Forest Map With No GridLinks
The Fairy Glade PackLink to Map
Pine Forest MapLink to Map
Fairy Glade MapLink to Map
Rocky Glen MapLink to Map
Forest Clearing Pack (8)Link to Maps
Forest Tile Pack (30)Link to Maps

DND Forest Map With Gridlines

Forest maps with gridlines come in handy when space between characters and objects really matters.

Check out these Forest Maps with Gridlines:

D&D Forest Maps With GridlinesLinks
Forest Map With Gridlines 1 (Village)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 2 (Cemetary)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 3 (Waterfall)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 4 (Outskirts)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 5 (Jungle Lake)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 6 (River)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 7 (Autumn)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 8 (Islet)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 9 (Straight Road)Link to Map
Forest Map With Gridlines 10 (Island)Link to Map

Large D&D Forest Map

When you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a tiny room with no way to see the bigger picture.

That’s why it’s always good to have a large forest map on hand.

Forest maps give you a bird’s eye view of the area, allowing you to plan your next move and avoid traps and ambushes. They also come in handy if you need to make a quick escape.

Check out these large forest maps for your next adventure.

Large DND Forest MapsLinks
Large Forest Map 1 (Exploration)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 2 (Huge 50X50)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 3 (Infinite 50X50)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 4 (Battlemap)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 5 (120 X 120)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 6 (High Forest)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 7 (Zen Monastery) Link to Map
Large Forest Map 8 (Desert Oasis)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 9 (Cloudy Town)Link to Map
Large Forest Map 10 (Dock Battle)Link to Map
Large D&D Map of the Forest

200 Unique Forest Maps for DND

Here you will find an extensive list of miscellaneous forest maps for every need, want, and preference.

Hint: If you’re looking for a specific map, simply run a search on the page.

Here are the shortcuts:

  • Click CTR + F on Windows
  • COMMAND + F on Mac computers.

You can then search for words like “waterfall,” “town,” and “night.”

D&D Forest MapLink
Enchanted Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Town MapLink to Map
Night Forest MapLink to Map
D&D Dead Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Encounter MapLink to Map
DND Forest Cave MapLink to Map
Forest Maze MapLink to Map
D&D Forest Ruins MapLink to Map
Ancient Jungle Temple MapLink to Map
D&D Forest Road MapLink to Map
Forest Camp MapLink to Map
DND Forest Map With RiverLink to Map
DND Forest Map Water WayLink to Map
DND Forest Map ClearingLink to Map
D&D Dense Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Camp MapLink to Map
Wilderness Forest MapLink to Map
Swamp Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Cave Entrance MapLink to Map
Riverside Forest CliffsLink to Map
Forest Crater MapLink to Map
Wizard’s Cabin MapLink to Map
Abandoned Mine EntranceLink to Map
Foresty Island MapLink to Map
Mystical Forest Graveyard MapLink to Map
River Crossroads MapLink to Map
Volcanic Wilderness MapLink to Map
Waterfall Bridge MapLink to Map
Land of the Giants Forest MapLink to Map
Waterfall Camp MapLink to Map
Wildfire Forest MapLink to Map
Mountain Pass Forest MapLink to Map
End of the Road MapLink to Map
Minotaur Bridge MapLink to Map
Passage of the Four Skulls MapLink to Map
Druids Gathering MapLink to Map
Sacrifice Ruins MapLink to Map
Beyond the Village MapLink to Map
Forest EncountersLink to Map
Mysterious Mountain MonasteryLink to Map
Ancient Forest Battlefield MapLink to Map
Forest Path Over the FallsLink to Map
Hidden Cove MapLink to Map
Foggy Graveyard MapLink to Map
Ruins in the Forest MapLink to Map
Swamp Encounters MapLink to Map
A Beautiful Place MapLink to Map
A Secret Place MapLink to Map
Where the Titans DieLink to Map
Hot Springs MapLink to Map
Abandoned Village Forest MapLink to Map
Rocky PromontoryLink to Map
River CrossingLink to Map
Ruins in the ClearingLink to Map
Forest LagoonLink to Map
Forest TempleLink to Map
Forest Creek MapLink to Map
Feywild Secret PondLink to Map
The Journey Treehouse MapLink to Map
The Infernal Chasm Winter MapLink to Map
Spiral Descent Forest MapLink to Map
Ganet’s Wilderness IslandLink to Map
City of StoneLink to Map
Farmland in the ForestLink to Map
Crossroads Forest MapLink to Map
Desert ForestLink to Map
Bridge at NightLink to Map
Lush Cavern MapLink to Map
The Path Over the FallsLink to Map
Carnivorous SwampLink to Map
Bridge by a WaterfallLink to Map
Sandy Island Forest MapLink to Map
Elf VillageLink to Map
Lizardfolk CampLink to Map
The Two FordsLink to Map
Garden on the Water Link to Map
Goblin Camp MapLink to Map
Desert Moutain Forest MapLink to Map
Marshland MapLink to Map
Entrance to Caves Forest MapLink to Map
A Temple in the ForestLink to Map
Gnome Village in the ForestLink to Map
Abandoned Wagon in the ForestLink to Map
Campsite by the LakeLink to Map
Snowy Hills in the ForestLink to Map
Muddy Forest MapLink to Map
Theater Stage Forest MapLink to Map
Oasis Forest in the DesertLink to Map
Forest Creek Battle MapLink to Map
Old Forest PathLink to Map
Forest GladeLink to Map
Rocky Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Ambush MapLink to Map
Fallen Log MapLink to Map
A Path Between Two RidgesLink to Map
Margreve Regional MapLink to Map
Dwarven RuinsLink to Map
Swamp Forest RuinsLink to Map
Basic Forest MapLink to Map
Hidden Passage MapLink to Map
Path Through a Dense ForestLink to Map
Dock in the Forest MapLink to Map
Forest Arena MapLink to Map
Winding Forest PathLink to Map
Neverwinter Wood MapLink to Map
The Secret of the Forest MapLink to Map
Sacrifice Tower MapLink to Map
Ancient Tree RootsLink to Map
Dreadwood (Creepy Forest Map)Link to Map
Pond in the ForestLink to Map
Old Crater in the ForestLink to Map
Magical ForestLink to Map
Snowy CemetaryLink to Map
Hillside AltarLink to Map
Large Forest RuinsLink to Map
Jungle Wilderness PathLink to Map
Rocky Jungle TrailLink to Map
Skull of the GodsLink to Map
Corrupted Tree MapLink to Map
River in the JungleLink to Map
Sacred SpringLink to Map
Bamboo ForestLink to Map
Jungle Serpent MapLink to Map
Forest FountainLink to Map
Cliffside PathLink to Map
Scary Forest with CabinLink to Map
Jungle Valley MapLink to Map
Frozen ForestLink to Map
Forest Ritual SiteLink to Map
Fort in the ForestLink to Map
Sunny Path by the WaterLink to Map
Bamboo GladeLink to Map
The Witch Wood BattleLink to Map
Foggy Forest ClearingLink to Map
Hidden Forest CAmpLink to Map
Edge of the WoodsLink to Map
Small Forest CampLink to Map
The Lightning TreeLink to Map
A Difficult Road & CampsiteLink to Map
Forest Fire Phased Battle MapLink to Map
Shallow Forest River WalkLink to Map
Springtime Forest PathLink to Map
Giant Swamp MapLink to Map
Elder Tree InnLink to Map
Haunted ForestLink to Map
Into the Wilds (Bundle of 4)Link to Map
Shinrinyoku No ForestLink to Map
Beautiful Forest GladeLink to Map
Enchanted TreeLink to Map
Fortress Forest PathLink to Map
Cairn CircleLink to Map
Forest Campsite Extended MapLink to Map
Overgrown Magic ForestLink to Map
Planar Maps: Feywild ForestLink to Map
Mountain Forest PathLink to Map
Magical Overgrown TempleLink to Map
Forest Shrine FestivalLink to Map
Jungle LakeLink to Map
A Quiet Night in the ForestLink to Map
Forest DungeonLink to Map
Treetop DungeonLink to Map
Wide Bridge Over a RiverLink to Map
Path through the treesLink to Map
Forest Road Map PackLink to Map
The Stranded CasinoLink to Map
The Vale of PentandraLink to Map
Tree LineLink to Map
A Meander in the WoodsLink to Map
A Throne in the WoodsLink to Map
Crown TreeLink to Map
Cihua’tal Jungle VillageLink to Map
Crystal ForestLink to Map
Train Tracks Through the WoodsLink to Map
Swamp DenLink to Map
Forest SinkholeLink to Map
The Apothecary’s SecretLink to Map
Oakenspire TreetopsLink to Map
Forest Boundary Battle MapLink to Map
Forest Bandit FortLink to Map
Forest Fallen Tree AmbushLink to Map
Sinbarr IslandLink to Map
Ziggurat of CihuaLink to Map
Forest Barbican GateLink to Map
Snowy Forest LakeLink to Map
Rocky Forest StreamLink to Map
Old Forest BridgeLink to Map
Ruins of Thunder TreeLink to Map
Woodland NexusLink to Map
Snow Covered ForestLink to Map
Small Feywild ClearingLink to Map
Forgotten Wood TempleLink to Map
Jungle PodiumLink to Map
Shack In The ForestLink to Map
Forest Temple EntranceLink to Map
Feywild Pond BankLink to Map
The Honeyed ForestLink to Map
Logged ForestLink to Map
Soul of the ForestLink to Map
Overgrown Forest DockLink to Map
Planar Maps: Feywild LakeLink to Map

180 Best Forest Maps for Dungeons and Dragons

Next, here is a list of some of my favorite D&D forest maps.

Check these out when you want to take your adventures to the next level.

D&D Forest MapsLinks
Large Exploration Forest MapLink to Map
Woodland Den MapLink to Map
Simple Forest MapLink to Map
Misty Forest Map Link to Map
Autumn Forest PathsLink to Map
Clearing With Cover Link to Map
Path Around a SpringLink to Map
Glade in the WoodsLink to Map
Empty Clearing in the WoodsLink to Map
Ice Portal in the ForestLink to Map
Dark ForestLink to Map
Clearing in a Dense ForestLink to Map
Scattered Pine ForestLink to Map
Forest Floor MapsLink to Map
Hideout EntranceLink to Map
Trees and Cave OpeningLink to Map
Shallow Water & Hidden DoorLink to Map
Primitive Village Forest ArenaLink to Map
Swamp Forest RuinsLink to Map

D&D Forest MapsLinks
Forest Path Obstacles Link to Map
High Forest MapLink to Map
Forest LodgeLink to Map
Forest Heart MapLink to Map
Long Forest RoadsLink to Map
Winter Fairy GladeLink to Map
Multiple River CrossingsLink to Map
Mountain Forest LedgeLink to Map
Ardeep ForestLink to Map
Elven City Among the TreesLink to Map
Wooden Bridge to CampsiteLink to Map
Jungle Mausoleum Link to Map
Realistic Dense WoodsLink to Map
Garden Cottage MapLink to Map
A Path Through BouldersLink to Map
Magical Rocks In the WaterLink to Map
Ancient Stage In a ClearingLink to Map
Forest HomesteadLink to Map
Forest Path Rocky GlenLink to Map

D&D Forest MapsLinks
Large Regional Forest MapsLink to Map
Jungle StreamLink to Map
Old Forest Path Link to Map
FarmhouseLink to Map
Bright Forest and River Link to Map
Mounds Link to Map
Feywild EntranceLink to Map
Dragonwood GrottoLink to Map
Stone ForestLink to Map
Sleepy Village in the ForestLink to Map
Viking CampLink to Map
Magic CampLink to Map
Jungle Pirate ShipLink to Map
Viking Longhouse in the WoodsLink to Map
Roadhouse TavernLink to Map
Forest HillLink to Map
Streams Thought the ForestLink to Map
Dark Town in the ForestLink to Map
Goblin OutpostLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Urban Fountain in TreesLink to Map
Steppe in ForestLink to Map
Fallen Tree MapLink to Map
Maurader AttackLink to Map
Tropical VillageLink to Map
Forest Camp AmbushLink to Map
Deep Wood Wash OutLink to Map
Goblin Village in the WoodsLink to Map
Spiderweb ForestLink to Map
Witch HutLink to Map
Dense Forest RidgesLink to Map
Woodland OutpostLink to Map
Thorny PassLink to Map
Modular Forest Map PackLink to Map
Storm-Ravaged ForestLink to Map
CampgroundsLink to Map
Green HillLink to Map
Pirate GrottoLink to Map
Hot SpringsLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Desert IslandLink to Map
Lakeside CampLink to Map
Timber BrookLink to Map
VineyardLink to Map
BillabongLink to Map
Fog’s Edge OutpostLink to Map
Mangrove PortalLink to Map
Forest Bandit CampLink to Map
Cliff OutpostLink to Map
Orc CampLink to Map
Dragon’s Forest LairLink to Map
Floating Frozen ForestLink to Map
Wild MoorLink to Map
Bridge Battle MapLink to Map
Woodlands CarnivalLink to Map
Field HospitalLink to Map
Mystery on the TrailLink to Map
Hut & Doghouse in the ForestLink to Map
Pink Trees in the WoodsLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Forest StandingLink to Map
River Ford MapLink to Map
Mountain ForestLink to Map
Forest CountrysideLink to Map
Forest Fort With Spiked BarriersLink to Map
Enchanted ForestLink to Map
DragonlandLink to Map
Villa MariahnahLink to Map
Lush ForestLink to Map
7 Large Forest MapsLink to Map
Forest PassageLink to Map
Swamp Forest FortLink to Map
Hidden Forest JailLink to Map
Realistic Mountain JungleLink to Map
Swamp Encounters MapLink to Map
Forest WaterfallsLink to Map
Ancient PassageLink to Map
Gold Mine in the WoodsLink to Map
Forest CliffsLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Beach by the ForestLink to Map
Mandible HillLink to Map
Mountain RuinsLink to Map
Magical Forest in BloomLink to Map
Misty BoneyardLink to Map
Turtle ForestLink to Map
Passage DangersLink to Map
Pond RuinsLink to Map
Sunken Ruins by the WoodsLink to Map
Dragon SkeletonLink to Map
Serene LakesideLink to Map
Dark WildernessLink to Map
Huts by the RiverLink to Map
Bild Old StumpLink to Map
Mineral PoolsLink to Map
Lookout PostLink to Map
The Buckled BridgeLink to Map
Salty Shore SanctumLink to Map
Snowy HillLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Harkenwood MapLink to Map
AlbridgeLink to Map
Reavers of HarkenwoldLink to Map
The Three Bridges of KomkkyoLink to Map
Ruined HomesteadLink to Map
The Grim GrottoLink to Map
Canyon Ridge CrossingLink to Map
Broken Bridge and CemetaryLink to Map
Wizard’s TowerLink to Map
Setting Up CampLink to Map
Fork in the RoadLink to Map
Burning House By a CastleLink to Map
Trader’s StopLink to Map
Mountain PassLink to Map
Jungle KeepLink to Map
The Worn RoadLink to Map
Rocky Lake & WaterfallLink to Map
Jungle PathLink to Map
Road, River, Feywild ShrineLink to Map

Forest MapsLinks
Very Rocky RoadLink to Map
Cliffside CampsiteLink to Map
Dryad’s GroveLink to Map
Deadfall GrottoLink to Map
Free River CampLink to Map
Shrine of AncientsLink to Map
Iron Tower Mercenary CampLink to Map
Bullseye IslandLink to Map
Ancient BattlegroundLink to Map
Feywild Enchanted ForestLink to Map
Path Across the LakeLink to Map
Island PlateauLink to Map
Big Hilltop CampLink to Map
Island CrossingLink to Map
The Shack in the SwampLink to Map
Giant Nests Above a ValleyLink to Map
Frozen PondLink to Map
Jungle River CrossingLink to Map
Crumbling Fort MapLink to Map

D&D Forest Map Generators

There are several D&D Forest Map generators that I recommend.

Here are my favorites:

D&D How To Make a Forest Map

If you’re going to map a forest map, there are a few helpful things to know.

You’ll want to:

  • Decide on a simple or complex design
  • Include multiple features
  • Add location-relevant monsters

For example, let’s say that you want to run a D&D One Shot in a snowy forest.

As you put together your map, be sure to include plenty of trees and other vegetation, as well as some icy pools or lakes.

When creating a snowy forest scene, it’s also important to remember that not all snow is created equal.

For example, freshly fallen snow is lighter and fluffier than older, packed-down snow.

This can be used to create depth and dimension in your scene. You can also use different types of snow to create different effects.

Using fine powder snow will help to create a more delicate and ethereal look while using larger flakes will give the scene a more imposing and rugged feel.

Next, make sure to choose monsters that are appropriate for the cold weather.

Giants, frost giants, and winter wolves are all great choices. You could also consider using creatures that are native to cold climates, such as yetis or ice devils.

Just be sure to adjust their statistics accordingly so they’re challenging but not impossible to defeat.

Finally, don’t forget about the little details that can make a big difference.

Make sure your NPCs are bundled up in warm clothes and consider giving players XP bonuses if they manage to survive without taking any cold damage.

Here is a good video on how to draw forests and trees for fantasy maps:

YouTube Video by Maps By Owen

Final Thoughts: D&D Forest Map

I hope you enjoyed this collection of D&D Forest Maps.

Bookmark this page so that you can come back to it again and again for your next campaign.

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