Can You Dash Twice in D&D? (Solved With Examples)

The details of D&D encounters and battles can get complicated fast. Many of my players over the years have asked about dashing.

Can you dash twice in D&D?

Players can dash twice in D&D. The dash action allows a player to move a distance of their base speed as an action. They can dash twice their speed in a single turn using a bonus action. All players can dash twice. Race, class, abilities, spells, and magical items allow players to double dash.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about dashing twice in D&D.

Can You Dash Twice in D&D? (5 Easy Ways)

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Not only can you double dash in D&D, but you can also accomplish dash stacking in at least five different ways.

Here are those five ways:

  1. Play a race with dashing abilities
  2. Play a class with dashing abilities
  3. Obtain a magical item for dashing
  4. Cast a movement spell
  5. Ride a steed

Play a Race With Dashing Abilities

Any race can double dash in D&D, but some races come with added benefits.

If the character’s race is Tabaxi, you may use Feline Agility to increase your speed for a turn.

This means you could double your movement speed to 60 by Feline Agility and then dash to push it up to 120 by using Cunning Action.

Other races with double dashing and movement abilities:

  • Wood-elf (base speed of 35)
  • Satyres (base speed of 40)
  • Quickling (base speed of 30)

Play a Class With Dashing Abilities

Certain classes include special dashing abilities.

For example, fighters can surge dash, barbarians can rage, rouges can use cunning action, monks can apply ki points to double dash, a scout can move as a reaction, and a ranger can land stride.

Gloomstalker rangers also get movement bonuses that allow them to dash twice.

Magical classes can cast spells to move, haste, fly, or teleport.

Obtain a Magical Item for Dashing

The most common item is the boots of speed.

You can also use:

  • Horseshoes of a Zephyr
  • Boots of skating
  • Wand of Expeditious Retreat
  • Totem of the Elk barbarian
  • Any item to shapeshift into a faster creature
  • Belt of battle charger
  • Transmuter stone
  • Rapid Wrath spear
  • Any item that lets you teleport
  • Any item that allows you to fly

The options are endless. Your Dungeon Master (DM) can come up with homebrew items that you pick up during a campaign or one-shot adventure.

Cast a Movement Spell

There are many D&D spells for movement. Casting these spells on yourself or others will significantly increase speed and dashing abilities.

Here are some good movement spells:

  • Haste
  • Expeditious retreat
  • Wind walk
  • Freedom of movement
  • Flying
  • Teleport
  • Misty step
  • Dimensional door
  • Longstrider
  • Shapeshift (into something fast, like a giant elk or cheetah)

You can also cast magic to reduce encumbrance, burden, and increase strength. This allows a player character to move faster even carrying heavy items, armor, or other players/NPCs.

Ride a Steed

Riding a steed is another creative way to increase movement and dashing speed during your turn.

Steeds move faster and further than most players who rely on their feet.

Plus, if you combine a steed with a small character, a paladin class, and some handy movement spells, you can double dash fast and far.

Can Anyone Dash Twice in D&D?

Dashing is available to all classes and races and it’s an essential part of combat.

Not only is the dash action a great way to get into cover or away from harm, but it can also be used tactically in combination with other abilities or spells.

Many players and DMs ask about specific classes.

So, let’s answer questions about fighters, rouges, monks, mages, and rangers.

Can Fighters Dash Twice?

Many class features allow player characters to dash twice in one turn.

The fighter’s action surge is one of them, giving a second action that can be used to dash. This is extremely helpful in battle, especially when outnumbered.

For example, you can dash as you move out from behind cover to attack.

Then dash back behind your cover to avoid an enemy spellcaster’s line of sight.

This double dash gets you out of harm’s way and buys you time to prepare against an attack—or even launch a counterattack of your own.

Can Rouges Dash Twice?

Yes, a rouge can dash twice.

They may use their movement, action, and bonus action all to dash twice as a benefit of their rogue expertise.

When it comes to dashing, rouges are very special and unique characters.

Case in point: see my section below about how rouges can dash three times!

Can You Dash Twice as a Monk?

Yes, a monk can double dash combining a move with the Step of the Wind ability.

Step of the Wind allows a monk to dash as a bonus action on their turn.

To use this special ability, monks must spend 1 ki point.

Ki is a mystical energy that monks access as they grow in power and level.

Can Mages or Wizards Dash Twice?

Mages and wizards can dash twice using magic.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that you’re a wizard with access to the Misty Step spell.

You dash away from an enemy and then cast a Misty Step spell to teleport back into melee range.

That double dash gets you out of danger while repositioning yourself for another attack.

Mages with dual classes (wizard/fighter) increase their ability to double dash.

Can Rangers Dash Twice?

Rangers can dash twice in Dungeons and Dragons.

All you need to do is use your bonus action granted by the beastmaster archetype.

You can spend this bonus action to dash or cast a dashing-related spell.

Your ranger companion can also use this double dash (or spell) with you, making it a fun and dynamic benefit of the class.

What Is the Purpose of Dashing Twice in Dungeons and Dragons?

Aside from using dash in the context of its standard action, players can also use their dash action to cover extra distance on their turn.

This can be useful if players need to dash halfway across a battlefield before they dash again.

You’ll want to look for openings to make opportunity attacks or quick escapes. Trickster Rogues are particularly good at this tactic, as their Cunning Action allows them to dash and then hide from enemies.

Can You Dash Twice in D&D Over Difficult Terrain?

You can dash twice over difficult terrain, but your movement and speed are halved.

For example, if you dash through a field of rocky terrain, the difficult ground slows your movement by half.

If your base movement speed is 30 feet, then you can move 15 feet in difficult terrain.

You can still double dash, however, each dash only moves you half your base speed. In this situation, you’d move 15 feet (first dash) plus an additional 15 feet (second dash).

Can You Dash Twice in D&D When Fighting Mobs of Enemies?

Yes, you can dash twice when surrounded by enemies.

If you’re fighting mobs of enemies that are swarming all around you or blocking your path, you can double dash.

It’s important to realize that movement through hostile enemies is considered difficult terrain. You also open yourself up to opportunity attacks.

Moving through enemies in D&D follows specific rules based on size, race, hostility, and other factors.

Common Questions About Dashing Twice in D&D

The following are very common questions DMs and players ask me about dashing twice during gameplay.

I thought it made sense to include answers to their questions here.

Does Double Dashing Double Your Speed?

The dash bonus action doubles your base speed.

Therefore, if your base speed is 30, then you can move up to 60 feet.

As you add modifiers (abilities, feats, items, spells, etc), then you can increase your speed and distance. The fastest and furthest I’ve ever seen is a mind-boggling 253,440 feet in one turn.

Can You Dash Twice in Dungeons and Dragons? (Opportunity Attacks)

When you double dash through an enemy’s space, you trigger what’s called an opportunity attack.

An opportunity attack is a free attack when you or an enemy moves out of reach.

This means your enemy gets a free attack against you.

Can You Dash Three Times in One Turn?

Yes, you can move, action dash, and then bonus dash.

Essentially, this allows you to triple your movement in a single turn.

The number of times you can dash is only limited by your imagination and the homebrew rules set up by your Dungeon Master.

Here is a good video that quickly explains how rouges can dash three times:

YouTube video by How to D&D—Can You Dash Twice in D&D?

How Many Times Can You Dash in D&D?

There is technically no upper limit depending on your race, class, abilities, feats, spells, magical items, creativity, and your Dungeon Master’s (DM’s) patience/permission.

Based on your interpretation, you could say the upper limit is 3-4 dashes per turn (that also piggyback off of everything else in the bulleted list below).

The most times I’ve ever heard used a variation of the following combination:

  • Tabaxi race
  • Samurai/Rouge
  • Feline Agility
  • Cunning Action
  • Haste spell
  • Wind walk spell
  • Longstrider spell
  • Move
  • Surge dash
  • Action dash
  • Dissonant whispers
  • Boots of speed
  • Epic boon of speed/distance

As you can see, you can dash as far and fast as your character and your DM will allow you in a single turn.

Final Thoughts: Can You Dash Twice in D&D?

Anything—race, class, items, magic— that allows you to dash as a bonus action means that you can double dash.

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